Top Amazing Ways to keep your favorite videos with you forever

Top Amazing Ways to keep your favorite videos with you forever

Undoubtedly, we might all agree that YouTube is a powerhouse of entertainment that has always got something amazing and crazy to offer. It has unique and interesting shows to offer, music videos from all offer the world, along with all the viral and trending materials, which goes around. Since we all are aware of the feeling of playing videos back to back from our favorite You tubers to a lot more. While reading this, you may be wondering why you need to save up YouTube videos when you can easily hop on the app and play the button for whatever you might be looking for.

However, imagine yourself in such a situation. If you often find yourself struggling with low and low connectivity internet – for example, when you are at your workplace, for waiting for a bus to arrive, or stuck with a surrounding you don’t enjoy? Your rescue might be YouTube right and you would may thank you luck for saving those videos for this kind of situation. Or imagine a scenario that you are in a middle of your exam preparation and you need to constantly check up with YouTube videos. What if the internet connection becomes slow? Isn’t it easier to have them all handy instead of searching for them every time?

If you are wondering to know how can you download YouTube videos easily and keep them with all handy in your phone, just ready to watch, this blog is just right for you! Explore some amazing ways to download YouTube videos and everything you need to know.


There is a renowned website known as the ClipConverter.CC, it is a tool that allows you to download any video just by copy pasting the entire link of the video you want. It offers multiple design options you can choose from and download the video of your preference in whichever format you may like. The interesting part about this tool is that, the users can select the preferred duration of the video they want and download that part only instead the downloading the whole video and losing up the unnecessary phone space. Trust us, it is feature of many of the video downloaders do not own.

As an add on, there is even a browser button with it, to search for Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. It makes the whole process of downloading easier and safes your time of visiting the websites to check up for links. is another extremely useful website that helps you to download videos easily from up to 40 different websites, which means YouTube as well, just with one single click. It also offers an option to download the browser, so that you can save your time of visiting the websites again the again. Instead, you can just do it directly. Simply copy the link from YouTube, paste it on the download bar and press the download button. A range of different formats will pop up, you may select the one with your parameters. is also helpful from design perspective, designers can search for data directly from albums with user photographs, video and audio files.

YTD Video Downloader

Well, the nature of this software, which is intuitive, easy to use might not really appeal to a lot of audience, but that is the best part about it that you can easily download the YouTube videos, without any hassle. Although, the free version of this software is bit limited and do not permits you to download many videos at a time, so if you want to download YTD for multiple videos, it might not work for you, you can have them easily one by one.


Well, I guess up till now we have learned that the best way to download YouTube videos is through multiple websites. If you are looking for one such website, without any doubt, the best choice would be KeepVid. The users can easily download audio and videos from up to 10,000 websites without any hurdle and time wastage. All you really need to do is, just copy the video’s URL, paste it upon the search box of this website and simply click on the download button.
It will only take few minutes to process it and then might show you reveal options to choose the preferable format, quality and size. You need to do the right click on the file and select the “Save the link” button and your video will start to download after few minutes. The only backdrop of this website is that you must have a Java installed into your system or device to get the most of benefit from this website.

Freemake Video Downloader

It is true that there are about umpteenth software available to download videos, the element that makes Freemake Video Downloader really amazing and unique is its ability and quality to download multiple videos at once. Install and Download the Freemake Video Downloader and it will help you in letting and grabbing videos of any format, download multiple videos and save links.

However, if you are interested in downloading audio files from video files, Freemake Video Downloader also owns a Freemake YouTube video to MP3 Converter, called as Boom. Just prevent from making Yahoo for search engine. A custom install can easily help you do it simply.

4k Video Downloader

Install and download 4k video downloader software and it allows you download the complete playlists from YouTube. Yep, that is right, complete playlists! This is one of the best software, which allows you to download 360 degree videos and 3D videos right from YouTube. All you need to do is copy the video URL, select the download format and you are good to go.


If you are tired with opening up the YouTube app again and again, this blog might be the perfect read for it! It is time to download all your favorite videos and keep them at back up.

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