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Look at These 12 Methods to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Voice search is a new technology that enables you to use voice prompts to search for things online. Even though it’s been around for 15 years, it’s only recently been used. Web design Dubai is rapidly getting into a voice-first world as to look. Also, as organizations grasp web-based business stages in huge numbers, you have no choice yet to play safe by streamlining your substance, site and everything else to stay aware of the evolving times.


How to optimize your website for voice search?

1)     Good Plan of Action:

You need to adapt your business to current and future voice search needs as the use of voice for search increases. That means a strategy needs to be developed. You need to evaluate all the keywords you need, your current content, and your future needs. Then you need new content to be produced. Web Design Riyadh gives a good plan of action.

2)     Listed Online?

If you’re a local business, this is good for you. But you’re free to skip this one if you’re not. If you’re local, making sure you’ve been listed online is one of the ways to prepare for voice search. For one, you know they have limited display sizes if you sell wearable tech products.Digital marketing Dubai will help you list online.

3)     Research Keywords:

Remember that your customers use voice search rather than keywords. You will have to deal with increased keyword length. Voice is not about providing you with options for results, but rather about directing you to the action of a product. If you’re still stuck about it, you can invest in good SEO Services Dubai to help you narrow down to your website’s specific keyword string.

4)     Optimize Local Search:

You need to optimize your listing and content for local search after you have made your local listings and produced local content. Most voices search target information about the paces somebody needs to visit.

5)     Reduce Page Loading Time:

Every smart SEO knows that one of the most important ranking factors out there is page loading speed. And, with the increase in digital content online, a determining ranking factor in the future will be the faster your website load.

6)     Long-tail SEO:

While it is not as popular to use long-tail keywords as it was a while ago, it is one of the perfect ways to optimize your website for voice searches. It works like a charm for two main reasons. One is, voice searches are performed through a much longer text string. Second, smart assistants are designed to provide answers to all the queries that we make.

7)     Audience Queries:

Most voice searches are in question form. Think of Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant’s queries. They’re all in question form. Make sure you always have the right content that fits the actions of your audience.Social media marketing company Dubai will help you get to your audience.

8)     Voice-search friendly content:

Always make sure you’ve produced conversational content that’s easy to read. Make sure you have something written in 9th grade for an automated voice to read clearly. Mobile App Development Dubai makes it user-friendly.

9)     More Local Content:

By producing locally relevant content that addresses your people’s local needs, your voice-search and wearable tech SEO improves a great deal.

10) User experience is all:

Voice search focuses on one search website. Make sure the voice assistant can quickly access all the information you need. This also means that your site needs to be mobile-friendly, quick, and secure HTTPs.

11) Don’t rely on regular SEO:

You are also likely to do well in voice search if you focus on producing great content and doing your old school SEO. Websites with a high level of social commitment, better rankings, and high domain authority are doing better in voice search.

12) Structured Formatting:

For your website to be featured, your audience will mostly need to ensure that you provide concise answers to the questions.Mobile app development Riyadh follows it well.


Voice in the search industry is becoming the next great sensation. In addition to the regular SEO, businesses must be able to perform better voice search SEO to remain on top in 2019.

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