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Make Your SEO and Paid Social Work Together!

You’ve probably set marketing targets and KPIs together in working with e-commerce customers, such as producing X amount of monthly organic traffic, having 2-4 times Facebook ads return, and more. One of the greatest pain points for companies working with agencies is to tie the work to actual income or results.


If you handle multiple aspects of a client’s advertising, it becomes even more difficult. Crediting any specific channel to ROI could be much harder—but not impossible.


Use SEO and social media in tandem:

Users continue to use Google through multiple properties such as search, Google Maps, and YouTube to discover, study, and buy products. Such two outlets have the potential to drive substantial e-commerce traffic and revenue. Getting them to work together can bring huge benefits to a business.


1.     Social media insights to drive SEO strategy:

Starting a blog faces many obstacles for many e-commerce businesses. It takes a great deal of time and effort to regularly write blog posts. You need to brainstorm topics, create content, and publish it on your website, meaning that it is properly formatted with text, images, internal links, etc. For months, all of this work may not show results, as it takes time for content to rank well in Google.

Not to mention, it can be difficult to come up with topics that your audience would find valuable. Luckily, you can find subjects that resonate with your audience with Social Media Agency Dubai.


· Content topic identification:

Create a poll or quiz on Facebook or Instagram to see if the topic gains traction from your paid efforts and put a small budget behind it. You may want to create one or more posts about cleaning makeup brushes based on the level of engagement with that post and what customers respond to your customers.


· Content expansion ideas:

If you’ve previously boosted posts and received a bunch of likes, comments, or shares to a specific piece of content, you can repurpose that content topic and create more content like graphics or videos, or use it to build a larger resource. The posts that perform best are also more likely to perform best as blog posts.


2.     Leverage paid ads to boost search engines:

Facebook ads are extremely useful in the digital world, but you need to produce advertisements that are convincing enough to get users interested in clicking through the web and learning more about the product of your company.

Everybody throws around words such as “brand awareness,” but how do you calculate brand awareness ‘ true impact and ROI with your paid media? You need to measure the impact it has on your advertised organic exposure before putting money back on paid social.

This is your benchmark and a good reference point for the month-to-month calculation. Through testing it way, you start to see how items from the ads you drive organically progress and decline.

Besides, SEO Company in Dubai plans to improve exposure by doing the following: 

  • Optimize the web of your client for the correct keywords. 
  • Provide clean software in the site backend for maximum page load speed. 
  • Improve internal and external ties. 
  • Build robust website content resources

Certain paid ad benefits that you can quantify include: 

  • Customers are more likely to engage and convert through advertising with a product to which they were previously exposed. 
  • Positive impact on organic click-through rates, which means you could improve branded organic search click-through with the right ads. 
  • More references to the brand, links, social shares, and general coverage, all boosting organic rankings. Measured by Google Alerts set up.


Using SEO-rich content to boost paid social: SEO-rich content is content based on keywords and questions that are searched by your target customers and that drive traffic to the site of your client. Imagine you’ve written an article, use that SEO-rich article to use paid social ads to retarget those same people.


Use SEO and paid social work to drive revenue:

Successful campaigns are not only happening; they are beginning with a good plan. To sum up, if you want to use paid social and vice versa to leverage your SEO efforts, use the above tactics to drive revenue for your customers


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