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Make Your Website Multi-lingual for Audience in 2020

Not every website we understand we find out here on the internet. If we learn a foreign language or dialect that we don’t know about, all we do is close up and try an alternative. This is how the trust of users gets hurt.


Dubai Web Design has got a collection of the best WordPress translation plugin out here and all you need to do is find the best fit according to your needs. Once the criteria have been met, get the kit from the plugin and install it on your website. If you already have good experience with WordPress script, setting it up won’t be that hard.

1)     Weglot Translation Plug-in:

Weglot translation plugin for WordPress takes your single language website and transforms it into a multi-lingual powerhouse that people who speak more than 60 unique languages can understand. All in less than five minutes.

The seamless integration with your page, when built, gives the appearance of a job done by a professional web developer and a team of qualified translators. Weglot makes the internet’s only web translation app worth considering, the most useful being the unprecedented identification of text and the speed of translation. These benefits save weeks of work for you and your team and make sure that great content is your only concern.

2)     G Translate:

Use the dashboard to set it up easily, and we can guarantee your readers will love your website once it’s activated. It provides a webmaster with several useful features and few for multilingual readers themselves.

By using the inline editor of GTranslate directly from the context, you can simply add material in different languages and publish the entire article package. GTranslate does not restrict users based on several words or page views as all of their plans are unrestricted. Ultimately, one of the most important features is that translated pages will be indexed by search engines, which is vital if you want to increase international traffic to your web.

3)     WPML Multilingual Plug-in:

This will provide your website with an automatic process that will turn the language into the one the reader wants and that’s how it will work.

It works very well and in a matter of minutes, it can be set up. The whole UI within is pretty cool, and the best thing to do is to have dedicated support and regular updates. Additionally, if you have chosen the package with a time limit then it will cost you a discounted rate to upgrade the permit.

4)     Multi-lingual Press:

You can pick up your zip copy from the store or download it directly inside the Dashboard. Just to make you feel better, the plugin is periodically updated and even compatible with the new WordPress script version out there. One helpful feature offered is that when the plugin is deactivated without having any bad side effects, it puts the entire website back to normal.

Using it for multiple websites is the real gift, but you may not like it if you need dedicated support because developers aren’t good at it. It’s also a free app so don’t hang on to that hope for long, but instead use the plugin to catch the goodies. Also, read Expert Solutions to combat negative SEO Attack!!! 

5)     Google Language Translator:

If you trust Google Translator’s branding and powerful tools then start using the 5th plugin on our list. You don’t have to pay for using it, yet it provides professional services without any flaws or performance problems.

Just get it installed and it will allow you to incorporate Google’s translation software and place it anywhere on any website. Just make the setup right and see the magic at the end of the reader.

6)     Transposh WordPress Translator:

Here comes the sixth plugin available on the official website at no charge. Web Design Kuwait is always keen to make it compliant with different theme variants and the handy WordPress script. It comes with a smart translation that preserves the professional attitude around it.

7)     QtranslateX:

QTranslate X can provide you with useful features such as skilled human translation, language customization, multilingual dates, HTML support, various modes and tools for optimizing your website’s SEO marks.

These software’s are easy to install and operate, and you don’t have to pay anything to use it on any number of websites you run.

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