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How to create a Millennials Friendly Mobile App: Tips and Guidelines

Millennials are one of the most essential demographics of businesses. According to Nielsen survey, these are there are 85% of 18-24 years old individuals having tablets and smartphones spending an estimated time of over 37 hours per month on smartphone and mobile applications. Mobile application has now become a necessity of almost all the individuals, from transport to shopping, from learning to education, from TV series to movies, from finance to business, everything is greatly dependent upon mobile applications these days.

Maintaining and capturing customer attention is no piece of cake and a huge challenge. However, it is one of the most crucial steps in order to develop an accomplished mobile application. Well, if I state the truth, everything can be conveniently solved by simply using the touch of your fingertips. Yes, that is the real power of technology. Therefore, sharp estimations from the millennial generation, make them your biggest follower and be on top of social media platforms now!

Ah, the millennial generation, let us call them the digital natives of world. Well, the secret disclosure part is that they are the most fundamental and the most targeted niche for the majority of businesses present in the market, these days. Because well, these digital natives have grown up with a thing called instant connectivity and they witness the fastest developments in all the industries of market.

Let it be from shopping, to travelling, to education, to entertainment, all these digital natives are dependent upon multiple mobile applications to solve their basic everyday needs. These energetic and young natives accompany their mobile phones almost everywhere, 24/7. There are almost 75% of millennials, which chose to use mobile applications for shopping, rather than going out of their homes and shop. The average number of applications installed in a young consumer’ phones are almost 20 to 25.

This is mainly the fundamental reason, why businesses commonly target these young natives and try to reach them more and more through multiple millennial-friendly mobile application development. The engagement, behavior and preference that the millennials have shown towards mobile applications has encourage hundreds pf businesses to develop mobile applications.

Whenever you create your next mobile app, always remember that the old traditional designs might not really work this time to attract the millennial demographics, as they are more attracted by something cool, catchy and simply, savvy. In addition, also remember that if your mobile application does not turn out to be something good and does not create a good impression, it is possible that they will not buy your other products and services anytime again in the future.

The demands and wants of young generation are so diverse and prompt and the user experience requires more creativity and personalization. No matter what platform you choose for your mobile app development, let it be from Windows, IOS or Android, the only need to need to be sure about is that your mobile app should be millennial-friendly. In the following blogpost, we have shared some essential mobile app development tip, which will help you in creating a millennial friendly app in no time.

Catch their Attention

As almost all, the young native and the millennial generation are technology savvy and they have an instant approach to any of the app stores’ latest offerings, it is quite difficult for the developers and marketers to catch their attention. Commonly all the mobile application developers are advised to design any mobile app in such a way that it looks unique even in hundreds of other mobile application in the app stores.

What you really have to do is, make your mobile application more engaging, interactive and most of all, convenient with easy navigations. If your application contains cool functioning and aesthetics, appealing interface then you might have covered the basic mobile app development features.

Furnish Some Great Convenience

Have you ever used the Uber or the Careem app? Well, we all have. All you have to do is just do multiple taps on the screens and your vehicle is right there on your doorstep, waiting for your arrival. In addition, it also allows the app users to even pay the amount right from their mobile phones, like now, how cool is that? By using the e-wallet system in both of these applications, you can pay directly from your collected credits without even entering any of your personal pin numbers into the app. You see, we all love that method, and this is why, furnishing a great convenience is what really matters, when it comes to mobile application.

There are some other apps, which might not have some incredible purpose, however, due to the convenience those apps gave to the users helped them in gaining popularity. For instance, if you want to read some newspaper, article or any book, you want download Kindle or Watpadd and literally read them in your spare time. It is just like any walking library.

Just ensure that most of your entire app performs well, it is quiet convenient and load FASTER as this factor is equal to do or die in success.

Grab the Most out of Social Media Channels

We have commonly observed that these days the young natives are very much affected by social media platforms and networks. Before they go on purchasing some product or service from a certain brand, they prefer on checking their social media accounts first to get an idea. Whenever you go on developing your next mobile application, make sure that you do update your social media channels accordingly as it do wonders for your brands. You can ask the consumers to sign up on your social media channels to make the process quick for them!

These were some of the basic tips to create a millennial-friendly mobile application. Hope you make a good one!


Are you a mobile app developer? Well, millennial friendly apps is what working out these days! Here are some tops tips and guidelines to create a smashing app for business, check now!

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