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Negative SEO 101: Tackle These Issues

While alleged to be an SEO myth, negative SEO remains one of the internet’s subjects most discussed and debated. SEO Services Dubai concepts are helpful to website owners as search engine optimization is supposed to help you get a hold of your competitors and rank higher in search engine results.


The reverse use of the same will influence the rankings, however, and when these tricks are done with malicious intentions, the de-ranking process happens faster than ever and sometimes leaves the owners with many issues and messes to cover up.

Negative SEO:

Negative SEO strategies are the same as any website owner will do to lift their ranks. But these SEO tricks are performed on rivals ‘ websites to draw fines from Google and often make their best-ranked pages vanish from their original location. 

SEO Dubai has put in place the best measures to stop this attack and minimize damage. If someone has enough SEO resources on his / her side, it still poses a high chance of occurrence. But several other events can contribute to your website’s misunderstanding of this attack.

How to detect it?

To conclude that your website is the victim, you can first rule out the circumstances arising from some helpful SEO tricks that have gone wrong. The expert will explore as much as possible these two theories and find out if it’s your SEO activities or someone else is trying to take you down.

1. Hacked Website:

If your website is hacked, you’ll know it in no time. Nevertheless, the hacked website is the least preferred trick as haters will hate you, but they hate you so far. Instead of concluding from your disappearance in search engine rankings and adding to your back some suspicious unknown links, check what might be the right reason. It can be an impact on your SEO blunders of possible penalties that you have received. So thoroughly check your SEO efforts before you begin to take any countermeasures.

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2. Links you have never seen before:

If you see some connections you haven’t seen or added before, this may be a spamming warning. But if those links are irrelevant to your niche and do not contain the anchor text you’ve added through other trusted links, Google is likely to ignore them directly. 

Either way, you can disavow these links from your webmaster tools to alert Google if you believe they can still be a problem for you. You can thus save your website from Google’s risk of collecting fines. But if not the reason for both of these scenarios, you might have a problem. Understanding the forms that could be the cause of avoiding such effects is important.

Types of Negative SEO Attacks:

Directly identifying possible attacks is impossible. If this is the trigger, you can use countermeasures to try to save your website from the possible consequences.

1. Duplicity:

A negative SEO attack occurs through off-page steps, and duplicate content can be transformed against your good ranks into a tool. Google doesn’t approve any of the duplicate content, as you already know, but instead chooses one of the many links that it thinks are original. You can lose the chance that your original content will be listed in the search results. 

Especially if the content of the duplicate is indexed earlier than your content, the risks of losing your position are greatly increased. This is the most natural way to get you down from the ranks and one of the nastiest ways the attacker can use without requiring any important information to be held.

Prevent this attack:

Several online tools are available to find out the content of the copy and to protect the content before the attack is through. Preferably, you can send a request to Google to delete the duplicate content until you find the copied material, or you can file a report with Google against the person who did this.


Therefore, keeping an eye on such occurrences becomes crucial. You can easily eliminate the chances of the attacks by taking appropriate and necessary measures at the right time. Also, on-page expert SEO optimization can efficiently perform negative SEO reputation management, even if such unwanted situations arise.

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