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Never Miss This Step in the Web Design Process!

Mood boards are the sketches of authors and artists. These are a way of collecting and arranging a development project’s thoughts and ideas; from color palettes to typography. Mood boards allow developers and investors to see where a project is going, even before it starts.

You can either physically or digitally render the mood board, using a mood board is perfect for communicating the visual direction of a project and is more powerful than a verbal conversation. Presenting a mood board or two will give your client a more accurate picture of how they will look and feel at their final website. A Web Design Company in Riyadh will help you understand the mood board concept well.


For each task, a mood board should be different. Do not re-use old mood boards even though they are for the same customer. Each time you create something new and unique. Your consumers want to stand apart from their rivals and provide them with a personalized, custom mood board that can show your dedication to help them accomplish this. Web Design Dubai recommends beginning every web design with a mood board.


  • Organize your inspiration:

To coordinate the different concepts, you can build as many boards as you want. You may have in mind a set of fonts and colors that suit a specific theme. On the other hand, you might have an inspiring picture or expression that doesn’t suit the same theme, but that you wouldn’t mind exploring as well. For each, set up a mood board, then work out. Display them to your clients and help them decide what company is best represented by them!


  • Bring the client’s vision to life:

Such wishes are expressed orally several times and provide a developer with very little real direction to build on. Use mood boards to show your stakeholder expectations vision is a good way to present your proposals visually back to them and make sure you’re all on the same project concepts page. Web Design Company in Oman brings the thoughts of your client to life will relieve their stress and give them the confidence they need to follow a development strategy!


  • Don’t get carried away!

You want to make sure the mood boards don’t take you away though. Note, the mood board isn’t the actual project, it’s just a tool to give life to the course of the project before you start working on the final product. You shouldn’t focus on specific pages, material, sitemap, or website user experience when you create a mood board. Assist the customer to imagine fonts, colors and an intense atmosphere instead. Save major decisions on UX and UI development for the actual work of the website.


Making a Mood Board:


· Color Palette:

Start by asking if your customer’s visual product strategy already has an existing color palette. Colors will help set your website project’s emotional mood. Once you have an idea of the base color, consider using a palette generator to help you decide which other colors can complement you.


· Typography:

Presenting at least 3 font combinations complimenting each other is a good idea. The various font styles can represent different design hierarchies.


· Photos and illustrations:

Using pictures is a great way to show how you have influenced your palette of colors and typography. Images and diagrams also enable the color palette to create the emotion. Consider a selection of photos that reflect different aspects of the product ethos of your customer or the emotions you want to convey to the website.


· Menus, Navigation, and Icons:

Including these elements in your mood board will demonstrate how you can work together by all facets of your ideas. The design team can find it very helpful to know in advance what types of design elements the consumer likes. Use these elements to give the customer an idea of what may or may not include the design elements of the finished product.


· Specific Sections:

Try to create multiple separate boards with a narrower focus each. It helps when a mood board has to express a large amount of information to focus attention.

Get yourself inspired by mood boards and begin your journey by bringing your client’s vision and thought to a life full of achievement.


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