Online Ads Simple Mistakes that Might Cost You More Than Usual

Online Ads: Simple Mistakes that Might Cost You More Than Usual

The entire world of advertising is filled with advertisers and publishers. The publisher is known as the owner of the site that allows somebody else to advertise those ads, while advertise for sure remains the one who advertises the ad. In some of the cases, the publisher may also become the adviser, when this happens, we call it as internal advertising. Everything else is generally known as external advertising.

All of these terms are essential to define because they affect how much because it defines how much acceptance and tolerance one can have for being exposed for the ad. It is quite common that the audience seems to have a higher level of tolerance when it comes to internal advertising, and in turn they are more likely to reach to them and actually get affected by the advertising.
On the other hand, even the external advertising can generate some wide range of response even, but most of the people feel annoyed by external advertisements and some people even block them out.

Why Internal Advertising is more appealing

All the users who visit website based as a result of a conscious choice to engage with the brand that is represented by the website are likely to get engaged with internal advertising upon website. All the top fast food chains such as KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s are extremely good examples, as they usually own plenty of internal advertising, and all the users are always willing to respond to these, because they have a good marketing message. That is because people trust these joins and they will find messages upon these websites as relevant, they will look for as much information as possible, even more when the ad is announcing some kind of coupons or discounts.

Why External Advertising is not accepted

Many of the unscrupulous marketers use shady techniques for marketing, users quickly develop a feeling that this might be a spam or some fake marketing trick. During that time the main source of antagonism was that the advertisements affects the user experience, but gradually as all of users become aware of the cookies and identify them, it will be a backlash.

The Result of Marketers Gone Too Far

Between all the other things, all of these abuses gave rise to the ludicrous European cookie laws, which don’t solve problems but instead create new ones. It is also true that the reason why there is a completely new industry who is just there to block ads, many of them are advertised online.

People do not Really Hate Ads, Advertisers just need to avoid some mistakes

Wouldn’t it be cool if some rules were just pretty simple and it could tell you altogether which mistakes to avoid doing, and how to be successful in online advertising? Well just wait a minute, because those do not really exist. Now let us have a look at all the mistakes that may be costing you a lot of goodwill, money and fortune.

Mistake 1: Publishers generating the negative cash flow from ads

These are the specific site of publishers that are ideal for hosting external advertising. In general, they are the non-corporate sites. If you know any site that is kind of related with a brand, it might make your site look unprofessional if it contains all the ads for the things quite not related with your brand.
Imagine if McDonalds had some ads on their sites for some shoe sale at a mall. Sounds awkward and out of place, right? Out of the user experience, they did not really come to the website to learn about some shoes when they are looking for burgers.
If the ads upon your website gives a bad reputation to your business and personal appearance, those ads might cost you a lot of loss in terms of business as they can possibly generate for the advertising revenue. Now in that case, you are now much better off at not hosting all these ads.

Mistake 2: Utilizing all the Pop Ups or Pop under Windows for Tracking or Advertising

This is one of the worst and the most irritating thing can publisher or advertiser can do. Trust me, hardly anyone even looks or clicks the pop ups or pop under ads, and even if they do, it’s often by accident and they close it instantly. It is never your win if you get somebody upon your site through your ad by some accident. It irritates them a lot.
Even some of the top websites such as TripAdvisor have used things like pop-under, even their regular users were annoyed by it and it has generated a lot of complains. One of the reasons is that many of the pop-under are silent. The users might not even realize that they have opened this until they check the other browser. It can have a serious impact on the user, because of your pop-under may stop from Firefox from offering the use the opportunity to save the entire browsing session.

Mistake 3: Promoting one thing and delivering another

This is a simple dishonesty, which usually backfires at you. A variation on this is hiding an advertisement in the name of genuine content, and only revealing it late that you were trying to sell something to the user. Both of these kinds are going to look bad for you and get negative vibes. However, you can make some sales regardless of ads, but you will make much more than this if you remain clear about your intentions.
An example can be such that, when you offer some free sample but later realize it was not free, when you find out about some coupon but realize it is invalid now. There is a big difference between money back guarantee and simply a free trial. Avoid these kinds of mistakes as they might affect even the sales you plan on doing in future and lead to an overall bad image.

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