The Future of Online Marketing and Advertising Landscape look in 2018

The Future of Online Marketing and Advertising Landscape look in 2018?

Undoubtedly, 2017 was a year of technology as the people around the globe, witnessed some absolutely amazing technology features and gadgets. One of the most famous was, iPhone, Google Home and even the advanced voice search. These days, people are gradually drifting away from the printing press, radios and even televisions as they are jumping towards the digital age. As we are already halfway with 2018, you might be already catching up with technological progress. Thus, do not be surprised with some more advances in the year ahead!

If you are a digital marketer, or a commercial advertiser, we might go a bit off the record and get you a sneak peek in to the era of advertising and digital marketing in the future. Here are few of the top listings for the future of digital marketing and advertising media:

Native Ads Will Soon Domination

According to the studies of Business Insider, native advertising will reach to higher grounds, generating for about 74% of total ad revenues. As people are always up on Google looking for information regarding the local businesses, it is quite not unobvious that why native advertisements are shooting up and might become the top choice for digital marketers. Native ads has more credibility, get more exposure and acceptance, along with higher conversion rates as compared to the old methods of advertisements. So, the next time you see some ad agency spending revenues on the native ads, do not be surprised!

Transformation of Machine Learning into Ad Management

Whether you are running a part of ad agency or the whole of it, this might not be the best year for you. In the modern era, machine learning is taking over extremely fast. Many agencies and businesses will switch to modern learning platforms that can easily settle their ads more easily as compared to any other ad agency. There are plenty of machine learning tools you may use for you ad, by using the techniques of machine learning and its algorithms, which are now easily available in the market. The only thing digital marketers can now do is lay down the basic principles and leave the rest on the tools of machine learning.

Influencer marketing will reach the Higher Grounds

According to a study and statistics, 74% of millennials and 80% of Gen Z, reported that social media influences and affects their preferences and habits. There is fact that, every penny your business spends or invests in influencer marketing, your business earns around $7.25 dollar for it. There are not many available marketing options, which gives such fast and big returns as it occurs with influencer marketing. Every business from food outlets to shopping queue, whoever has ever used influencing marketing has found it extremely effective, many brands are already reaching the higher grounds because of this factor. This is the sole reason that businesses are always looking for established and popular influencers to promote their services and brand products.

Instagram and LinkedIn are the new Twitter and Facebook

Social media is the biggest influencers to make deliberate changes in the marketing world. The biggest platforms and the co-owners will lose its credibility in comparison with Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat! Well if you have doubts about it, check the growth rate of Instagram and Snapchat and compare it with Twitter and Facebook, you will have an idea. Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users and still growing, it will soon become the next Facebook. We may not notice but Twitter is dying a slow death, leaving open spaces for LinkedIn to flourish. It is high time that you choose your social media platform carefully and prudently.

Driving Car Ads Will Become a Norm

All the renowned car establishing companies such as Volvo, Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz etc. are now looking up to self-driving cars because that is what the future is all about. When self-driving cars will make their way towards our way, we might get a better view of the car and see the emergence of advertisement. After such advertisement, you might feel an engagement for hassle driving. However, you have the freedom to gain more content over it. Digital advertisers are going to build such advertisements now to promote their car content. Get ready as more advertisers will jump onto this strategy to promote their product.

Boosting of New Ads Formats to Dupe Ad Blockers

If you are an online marketer, you might know that the biggest obstacle is the ad blocking software. According to studies, Ad blocking software costs for about 20 billion in 2015, which doubled up to 40 in 2016-17. You can surely now make guesses about 2018 now. Plenty of technology giants including Google, are releasing and working on many aspects to give users an ad free experience. This is also true that the online advertisers might not be too happy about this whole thing, as ads are their only chance. But, online marketers always have a way! It will probably give rise to some new ways of advertisements.


Just like the year 2017, 2018 is about to be full of actions and adventures for the people of digital and media marketing. The focus will be shifted from TV ads to Native Ads, influencing marketing will reach to higher grounds, renowned automobile companies will shift to the in car driving advertisements, and there will be emergence of block ad sites. With the importance and the changing credibility of social media platforms, you should develop and select your social media strategy accordingly to avoid any future consequences. Voice machine optimization will solve more than half of the search queries, the influence of the machine tools and learning will also increase.


Just like 2017, 2018 is the year of technological changes and social media as well! Check out the following blogpost and see what such changes have you seen up till now. There are also some suggestions and catch outs, check and explore!

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