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Optimize Your Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index Today!

There are two very different things to be ready for the transition to the mobile-first index and prepared for it. Here are five great tactics by Mobile App Development Dubai that you can introduce now that will ensure that you are not only mobile-first ready when the time comes, but that your platform is set up to optimize sales and snatch a competition march.


Optimize your website for mobile-first index:

1. Speed up your website:

To be ready for the mobile-first ranking, there is a range of strategies to concentrate on. We recommend starting with your site pace when it comes to conversions and overall user experience (UX), focusing specifically on the web.

We recommend these ways to speed up your mobile site:

  • AMP: This helps you to load your web pages even faster than regular HTML due to the pared-down Template used by AMP. Google also stores the content in its cache to speed up even more load time. All of this leads to a much quicker, sleeker user experience, which, in effect, will lead to better visibility in the search results.
  • PWA: An alternative to moving to AMP is Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Their main points of sale include: Reliable – instantly loading Fast – quickly responding to user interactions Engaging – feels like a native app on an immersive UX device.


  1. Manage content for mobile:

If this is the case, switching to the mobile-first index will have the most significant impact on you. Your current ranking is based on the quality of your desktop. If some of that on mobile is lacking, you may not rank in the future as well. Even if you have a responsive mobile site, you might want to make design changes to improve your mobile conversion experience.

  • Use the menus for accordion and drop-down properly. 
  • Do not use Flash at all.
  • Try using your desktop pop-ups. 
  • Consider the size of the text, tap goal, and padding.
  1. Consider the checkout process on mobile:

How can we go beyond this and on a mobile device to create a better checkout process? Streamlining the checkout process, especially on mobile devices, is a great way to help speed up the process as well as lower conversion barriers.

  • Speed up the process.
  • Smooth navigation.
  • Avoid pop-ups.
  • Send people on multiple devices.
  • Target shoppers in-store.


  1. Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images:

Some of these elements could often lead to both slow loading and display issues, and shielding them from GoogleBot on mobile made more sense.

But the landscape has changed today. In many cases, smartphones are more potent than user-owned computers. We have faster processors, more power, and more ability to handle anything we throw at them.

All these components can also be handled by Google’s mobile GoogleBot. So if they’re able to handle it, make sure you show them all. Google can, therefore, categorize and rate the content accordingly.

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5. Act mobile-first:

Companies will have to shift to mobile-first thinking in everything they do–design, development, UX–and then worry about desktop later to optimize for the mobile-first index.

Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia persists in designing and developing for the desktop without the change in mindset and then think about how to convert to mobile. It’s not enough to design and develop responsive websites. It’s best practice, but it doesn’t mean it’s designed for mobile just because a site is open.

Begin today. Leave the desktop behind and base all your discussions around the mobile experience when considering your next development or design change. You have to accelerate organizational change, accept the mobile-first environment in which we are competing. It’s not easy, but it’s going to be worth it.


The first mobile index will arrive, so make sure you’re set. Through fixing the above problems or making sure you’re already on top of them, you’ll be in a much stronger position when Google wants to “flip the switch.” 

Let’s Get in Touch:

Before making any of these improvements, we recommend talking to your existing priorities into account. Contact us today and make your website mobile-first index.

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