Our Relationship With Future- New Apps and Gadgets in 2020

Despite 2020 coming rapidly, it’s time to look at the applications and devices that will define the year, bringing innovation beyond where it is today. Technology is a fascinating part of life, with more and more people choosing to live a “smart life” as it makes life easier. Companies and individuals use smart devices that have gone beyond smartphones to build a better business, provide better services, and improve the quality of life.


To this end, as businesses seek to capitalize on technological growth to remain competitive, and individuals need to build on what they already have, it is important to look at the devices and gadgets that will shape 2020 and strengthen our relationship with reality. Mobile App Development Dubai has summarized these new inventions in this blog for you.

1) Cloud Integration and Expansion:

One of the factors that will shape and affect developments in the coming year is cloud convergence and expansion. Although some businesses still use conventional databases to store data and information, they easily discard the old ways of making room for the modern.

Business owners have found that going the “Internet way” is more secure, cheaper, and more efficient, and as a bonus, they can run multiple servers at the same time. Furthermore, the cloud is more appealing than chunky conventional servers because business owners are always looking to save money and reduce storage costs. Therefore, many will seek to leverage cloud technology by creating apps and gadgets that use the tech alone.

2) Augmented Reality and Virtual reality:

The world has seen and learned more about Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in 2019, and it is one technology area that promises exponential growth. With the help of a device camera, VR translates digitally overlaid content into the real world, while AR takes people into a simulated environment.

Both were introduced to create a more inclusive, more immersive, and more multidimensional gamers experience. But in the business world, they have gained prominence, and now more applications and phones are using AR and VR technologies.

In 2020, the use of AR and VR will expand, leading to more applications and gadgets being developed in this section. Filters are already being used on social media platforms using this software. A good example is the use of AR filters to transform faces to digital characters.

After all, AR and VR are reality’s future, and the tech has a lucrative market. Also, read We are changing the world with the latest technology!

3) Mobile Wallet and Payment:

If you think about how much people would like to tap on a button or use voice commands to get their transactions completed, instead of going to financial institutions, it’s easier to understand why mobile wallets and payments will be the rage in 2020.

Financial institutions are continuously searching for ways to make their customers ‘ lives more stress-free; therefore, they are developing more applications and building on older ones to make it possible.

Mobile App Development Saudi Arabia provides more payment gateways will be available with more secure alternatives. The rate of encryption will also increase to make transactions safer, and trades with mobile wallets are expected to increase a lot by 2020.

Mobile wallets will also cause debit and credit cards to go away very soon, and the best part is that business owners will also be able to use it for transactions. 2020 is, therefore, a prime year for seeing a lot of development of apps in this area.

4) Blockchain:

Blockchains are shared ledgers that are used from place to place to pass information. Because of its quick and secure way to get transactions done from different parts of the world in no time and at an affordable rate, it is the cornerstone of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchains are largely associated with cryptocurrency, as of 2020, they will be used to build distributed mobile apps. This is because the mobile app industry is expected to become more decentralized, making use of smart contracts and software protocols the standard.


Simplifying the investments in these areas and taking advantage of their many advantages is wise and prudent.

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