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When People Humour Meets The Web Design

As a website designer, every single project yours has a perfect requirements & s specific goal. However, every web designers have their own one goal for each of their project, when it comes to impress their clients, making sites that looks & work awesome. Who is in this era wouldn’t like this design & functionality, correct?

To get this purpose done, web designers mostly thinks the content strategies or at least tries to follow few of the modern website design blogs or trends. Despite all techniques of making well managed content, still there is one thing that we forgot, a real fun experience often goes for website popularity & enjoyable experience is often remember all times. By adding few funny stuff in the project, website designers can offer clients an amazing experience, which they won’t only remember, but they share with others as well.

When we usually say “go on with fun”, we do not really mean to make your client’s website as a circus website page. We are thinking of additions & changes that add a little bit of fun into the viewers interactions with website pages or the elements of a design which would assist the sites you have develop & become more interesting to use & will leave a mark overall.

At the same moment, we would like all to understand that “fun” does not really mean “silly”. You can just add a touch of enjoyment & delight for the users without letting your client as to thing this seem unprofessional or childish. The real trick is to understand how much fun you can put, where it is need to be use & when to realize that you have gone so far.

Few Of The Websites That Are Utilizing This User Experience

Let’s check out some examples of sites that have done a amazing job of utilizing funny stuff to make both memorable & enjoyable experiences for their visitors.


The design of Meomi completely includes funny characters, which have moved & responds whenever you over & scroll them, the complete experience is filled with delight & discovery when you explore. We like this fact which is as busy as the website is, every one should know what is this all about as the tagline is placed at the top of the page “A Little Design Studio Dedicated To Play, Delight & Whismy”.


The website allows visitors to see how their habitual acts are pined to recent day slavery. As a matter of fact it really does not sound like it is any kind of fun over website, but when the user visits the site & select the arrow saying “what?”, the user experience begins. Complete website includes cartoonish & funny illustrations, a complete sense of anticipation & a real fun interactivity, turning a basic website page into a powerful & memorable experience.

Pete Nottage

This portfolio website contains a design with different website illustrations, each of which represents sections such as About Us, Contacts, etc. The charming cartoon style is complemented by fun text, making the whole website a fun experience. This is an excellent example of a user experience that balances simplicity with creativity.


The Needagents brilliantly &colorfully illustrate the name of the company, using deep & formal intermediate characters & a dark blue color that is associated mainly with commercial objects. In a serious subject, the use of cartoon characters adds a touch of fun, turning a simple & serious theme into a pleasant experience.

Alessandra Balzani

The emotional web designer, Alessandra Balzani makes a funny & complex patent note, designing her website. When we see this web design, we must admit that it knows how to play with the fonts, the characters & the images, providing its visitors with a great user experience. Great job!

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