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Personalize Website User Experience Above the Fold!

The time spent on-site may be referred to as dwelling time or Google Analytics–you may be using the session duration, time on page, or you may be looking at the bounce rate. It doesn’t matter exactly how you measure engagement because it varies greatly depending on the business model and type. You should use your website as a self-improvement benchmark.

A weak signal means that, despite the title and the meta description indicating the answer to their question, the visitors did not find what they were looking for. So the shorter the time you’re going to rate on a list the better. This makes perfect sense, after all, why would google search reward content not reacting to the visitor’s initial visiting reason?


Why the segment Above the Fold and the Hero are so relevant?

The fold above often referred to as the segment of the Hero, is the first thing visitors see when launching your website. They’ve already waited for your page to load for about 3 seconds. Therefore, a background picture that provides context and a narrative as to why they should stay on-site and learn more about your business and product needs to be convincing, including your USP. It’s NOT just about you, it’s also about them.

Essentially, regardless of the computer (mobile, laptop, etc.) above the folded page, your website will make or break your business.


Why The Hero Message Above the fold is your default message.?

Generally, you don’t know anything about them when a new visitor arrives at your website. If you’re using Google Search then you’ll be able to find the exact page that brought them, perhaps a post about a specific topic and after that point their path through your website. Who brought them when they came from social media? An advertisement, or perhaps a referral. At this point, nothing concrete. Because it is the most likely approach to appeal to all users, a large shotgun approach is therefore needed. Choose a message and context that appeals to all your group of customers. That’s what Web Design Kuwait did in the top picture.


Why the Above the fold space customization is key to success?

It may sound a little cliché–know your clients, but this is what the future of website advertising is all about as we leave 2019 for 2020. While your contact with your new visitor may be standard for that first visit to your website, no business can afford to continually treat potential customers the same way.

To meet their needs, your message needs to change. Your first visit is your opportunity to consider their needs and work on those needs to adapt and give them what they want.

When the visitor returns to your website, you need to learn more and more about your new potential customer consistently and methodically. Every new piece of information can potentially change your message to be more customized.

  • Psychographics
  • Maps of consumer travel
  • Design of choice
  • Screening of Individual A / B
  • Digital art of persuasion, micro conversions. 

Are all highly relevant and after reading the rest of this article Web Design Company in Oman recommends that you return to read about them.


How to configure your room above the fold?

Most websites are being created these days using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or drupal and for e-commerce, woo-commerce. The problem with these platforms is that they are not designed to customize the content required by 2020. Therefore, a 3rd Party tool designed for conversion rate optimization such as Web Design Dubai is required to create content that changes depending on visitor needs. CRO tools allow highly refined individuals to be targeted based on criteria that can be fine-tuned.

Our company allows additional data to be captured and then targeting the visitor based on that data, allowing you to create more and more targeted space above the hero fold. At the same time, you can test your message with A/B to determine what works for each individual.

Personalization enables customers to be created, customer travel based on preferences and conversion funnels corresponding to them. Ultimately, if paired with the right content, you can increase revenue.


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