Pin and Click: How to Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is an internet giant. It boasts an incredible 300 million monthly users per month!

This platform’s popularity makes it the best friend of a marketer. There’s just a huge number of eyes that can find their way straight to your website. Pinterest will drive exceptional traffic levels when used correctly and leads to your entrance.

But it’s said more quickly than done. Every platform has to master its own unique’ culture.’ Pinterest has the potential to send your way to traffic. To do that, however, it takes the right approach.


Would you like to know how to do this? Keep reading to learn exactly how to drive your website to Pinterest traffic by SEO Company Dubai

1) Open a business account:

Create your account is the first necessary step to get traffic from Pinterest.

However, a standard account is not going to cut it. You want the version of the product. Fortunately, it’s safe. Just go ahead and set it up by the instructions on the Pinterest page.

Having a business account has numerous advantages.

First of all, you get access to the available analytics. This is, of course, a critical quality for advertisers! It means you can track your account’s progress and collect hints as to how you can improve. You will need to check your website to access analytics.

Second, there’s something you can apply for called Rich Pins. Additional information about your site includes these types of pins. It makes it easier to connect with users on Pinterest, which is good news for you.

2) Set up your profile:

Now it’s time to make it the fully-optimized, SEO-focused, traffic-generating website that you’re after.

Fortunately, the set-up itself is not complicated or time-consuming. There are, however, other aspects to be taken into consideration.

First of all, add a picture of your profile. Establishing a business? Use the logo of your company. Consider putting up your picture. This is going to make it look more personable.

Try to set the same image that you use on other social media platforms as well as on your website. Such continuity helps to make the web-presence coherent.

3) Focus on visuals:

It’s time to focus on populating it with content when you set up your account. And content is what we mean by pins.

You shouldn’t just add anything that you want, though. Alternatively, concentrating on creating aesthetically pleasing pins is important. To drive communication and traffic, Web Design Dubai considers it important.

Pinterest is a website for visual purposes. If there’s something that stands out, catches the eye and looks good, it will do well. Also, read 7 reasons why your SEO isn’t working.

4) Pin at sensible times:

The purpose is to receive re-pins. This is when someone looks at your awesome pin and wants to put it on one of their panels. The more you do, the more you spread your reach.

But to do that, when your desired audience is active, you need to pin it. Likewise, it’s better to pin more often. Opinions vary, but the answers will be held when you check your analytics.

According to the information for the characteristics of the audience. From there, once you pin new content, you can start planning more effectively.

5) Nail the description:

Every pin has a space for telling people what it is. Each portion of the description is important to help people find it on the website. We have to be based on keywords explain what the post is about, and use constructive, expressive words!

6) Group Boards:

The group boards are the ones with a circle, showing multiple profiles in the bottom left corner.

Tap on the board from there and review the instructions for the program. This is going to be in the definition.

There are many followers and fewer contributors to the best boards! The mix means that your pins will be more exposed.

Take away!

There you have it: some top tips to drive Pinterest traffic to your website. Anyone with a website can use the network to drive visitors to it with hundreds of millions of active users.

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