Brand To Produce A Captivating Mobile Application

What Does It Take A Brand To Produce A Captivating Mobile Application?

Gone are the days when only desktops or LEDs used to give that touch feel. Gradually, with the passage of time the smartphones and tablets changed the entire game. These days, majority of searches and research are done through mobile phones, and all of us have become quite used to the instant connection we can have with the entire world, merely in seconds. No matter, whether you are at home or right on the go, mobile devices are now becoming the necessity and a paramount for more people as the most primary device.

When it finally comes to planning mobile strategies, there are plenty of brands who think multiple times before developing their very own business mobile application.

At this stage usually, most businesses realize the importance of developing a strong social media presence. In addition, sometimes, investing money in mobile application is not always, the best possible choice.

The massive growth of mobile application has been dramatic over the past span of years. It is predicted that the number of mobile users will soon reach 4.77 billion.  So, it is quite obvious that you must have an impressive and captivating mobile presence, but how will your brand know whether or not mobile development is the correct step for your business or not.

Responsive Design is a Must Have

If you are finally investing your time, money and efforts in a mobile application development, you must ensure that it is going to be an effort worth making for your brand. However, before businesses take their step towards mobile app development, it is essential to understand that firstly, you need to have a website that is mobile-optimized.

A responsive website design is necessary have attribute, before you dive in to maintain a mobile application. A mobile design will simply adapt the screen size, making sure that the onsite user-experience is never fully appetized. If you are not having this mobile optimized design, users often come across a website, which layout, that requires zooming in and out, section scrolling, which are difficult to click or display because simply the icons or features are too-small.

Does investing money in mobile app is the best choice for your brand?

Whenever it comes to determining if a mobile app is right for your brand or not, it is essential to simply, consider that there is no one size, which might fit all. If I declare the facts here, there are some top areas of consideration that must help the brands to get started with the right direction.


First, figure out whether or not your customers will use your business application on a consistent basis or not? Is your app going to offer them ease and convenience for engaging with your brand?


Do you or your business own enough resources and budget to finance the mobile application marketing?


Look out for some unique designs and elements, which the users might not be able to find on your business website.

Here we have discussed some brands that signify these top best practices whenever it comes to mobile app development and are surely, great examples of not only beautiful mobile app designs, but are the most popular and successful mobile apps to engage users. Although, these brands are completely different from one another, we may learn a lot from the guidelines and strategies, which they follow.


If your mobile application has the same features, functions and benefits as your website, users will show no excitement or interest in downloading it. The content present in your mobile application, must be different from that present in the website, no matter whether it is a unique design or a special feature element, there should always be something unique in your app, which makes it different from website and makes it stand out! If we consider it from user’s point of view, a mobile app needs efforts and real estate, which offers something out of the box and that catches everybody’s attention.

When you are in between the development and design process, it is usually advised to begin with a minimized version of your existing website. So that, you can produce something just according to the user’s needs and requirements.


Believe it or not, mobile applications live a very short life if they are not used on regular basis. There are chances that soon it will be uninstalled from the user’s phone. While making the decision whether or not investing in mobile application is the best choice or not, it is essential to keep in mind your target audience and how frequently they will use it.

Customers open the app only in the case when they are looking for some content to consume, look for a new discount offer, book a restaurant, cab or a movie ticket, or engage with the brand through some way, if your app fulfills their need, you are on the right direction.

App Marketing

Mobile apps are one the most effective way to content with your customers, but setting aside a huge amount of budget for mobile app marketing is quite difficult. Mobile apps are costly and it takes times, extra efforts and determination, for marketing your app completely. You might create a beautiful, captivating and most interesting application in the world, but if you target market cannot find it in play stores, and does not know about it, then what the whole point of developing it, simply is.

Mobile app marketing is the most important part, right after the development of mobile application. Each business has certain platforms, that work perfectly and where engagement is highest. In order to drive more installation and downloads, it is essential to emphasize upon the value proposition at hand and at the right audience at the right time, with the right marketing strategies.

These were some of the top things businesses must consider before coming up with a mobile application.

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