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Reach The Mobile-First Generation With These SEO Marketing Tactics

Today’s internet users are getting their content from mobile devices more and more, and in some segments disproportionately.


More young people are now using social media as their main source of news than tv, an indicator of how dominant mobile is now. What does all this mean for the SEO marketing of today? SEO Dubai will elaborate on it for you.

Indexing is changing:

It’s no longer an optional extra to make websites mobile-friendly; it should be key to your marketing strategy from the outset. Notwithstanding this, a significant number of organizations still assume that with minimal adaptation, they can pass the same SEO techniques they use for desktop sites to mobile content.

Even to the extent that this has been partially true in the past when Google adopts mobile-first indexing to an ever-increasing degree, it is likely to decline. Travel direction is simple, and unadapted companies will quickly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

The ranking matter even more now:

A surprising figure reveals that half of the mobile users are willing to wait for a page to be loaded no longer than three seconds. This impatience also extends to search results: many smartphone growers are even less inclined to look beyond the top of the search ranking page than desktop users. 

The smaller smartphone and tablet screen allows searching for a fairly cumbersome process across numerous search results. Therefore, sites at the top of the list may get an even bigger boost than before, so hiring a good search marketing agency could help to keep your company prominent on a search to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Mobile-friendly keywords:

The smartphone revolution has also changed the way search is used by people. When almost everyone accessed the internet from desktop or laptop Computers, somebody was probably thinking about home delivery as looking for the best pizza in Dubai. Today, during a night out they may be standing in the street. 

Hitting a search string brings great rewards. Quick, snappy words and phrases are likely to attract more than in-depth discussions to the mobile-first generation. Voice search is becoming more and more relevant, and SEO service providers are adapting quickly.

Never block web crawlers:

When Google’s robots are unable to access tools that make it clear that a page is written for mobile browsing, the site’s desktop version that ends up highly defined by phone-based searches. This may have potentially serious knock-on consequences, such as the supremacy on some pages of unplayable Flash images, to which mobile users are not reacting well. 

Combined with mobile users ‘ inability to persevere with uncooperative apps, the net result is likely to be that the content will be lost to its intended audience–and maybe worse, the site will receive significant negative word-of-mouth.

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Optimize for app stores:

In terms of profitability and popularity, making an app can bring great benefits, but app stores are crowded. If yours isn’t out of the crowd, in the first place it won’t get traction. Check on app stores for the terms people check for–often not the same as those they would use on standard web content. 

Then make sure that these keywords are rich in the content in your app. Although optimizing the app store isn’t a new idea, a mobile device’s ever-increasing supremacy makes it more important than ever. Mobile App Development Dubai will bring you front in this activity.

Progressive web apps:

Think of PWAs as web pages that may also appear on consumer devices as native mobile apps. 

The aim behind SEO Company Dubai is to combine with mobile experience the functionality of modern web browsers. 

When created, by tapping the icon just like a native mobile app, a PWA can be opened pretty much from the user’s mobile device. The difference, however, is that even with unreliable networks, they can load much faster and reliably.

The aim behind a Progressive Web App is to prevent users from bouncing off due to a poor loading experience to another website. These will continue to become the chosen mobile SEO tool for companies in 2020.

Let’s Get in Touch:

Now is the time to get ready to offer quicker experiences and reach consumers with so much to learn from users looking for products or services on mobile devices. If you want to explore your SEO goals, Get in Touch With Us.

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