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Remove and Improve; Benefits of Updating Old Blog Content

Do you ever see one of those presentations of the hoarder? Those who invite the hosts to the house of an individual and the minute they walk inside find a room full of junk? You might have thought at one point in the show, “Why aren’t they just getting rid of those old things?”This question is entirely valid. But did you know that with the content of your website you may also have the same problem?


Think about it: when did you go to the blog of your website for the last time and browse through your old posts? Check now if it’s been a while. You’ll probably see five years ago written articles.

The Harm of Content Hoarding:

It means that a website’s success depends primarily on having quality content, particularly if you’re an SEO company. Take note of the “price” keyword, which means your blogs need to address user questions.

The old content may once have been useful to consumers, but if it is obsolete, people can skip over it right away. This results in lower click-through rates and/or higher bounce rates, which with search engines can harm the reputation of your page. So, what are all those old blog posts you are doing?

Cleaning your content:

The old content of poor quality affects your search ranking as long as that content of low quality exists on your page and is available to the search engine.

You may be sitting on a missed SEO quality gold mine with a few simple changes that you can recover. If you’ve got tons of old content sitting idly and not traffic, you’ve got to start cleaning it up. 

There are two ways you can do this: by replacing some of the old pieces and upgrading the others. 

Old posts that aren’t well optimized should be deleted, have no relevant links, and simply don’t give readers value. In the meantime, the material will remain enhanced with new ideas, changes, or revisions. It refers in particular to news and predictions from the industry.

You can also say if you should take a look at the traffic they have got to remove or boost old articles. The more you learn, the better. It’s one of the best indicators by SEO Dubai, that your content is healthy.

How to get rid of your old content?

Once you have candidates for change, start freshening your old content with the following: 

  • Optimize your content: If an old blog post has no specific keywords that you want to rank for, edit the text so that you can add keywords smoothly. Therefore, change the title and definition of the meta.
  • Broken Links: Some of the links you used in an old article may no longer work. Find them and use better, more authoritative ones to replace them. It increases the value of your content for consumers and search engines.
  • Add Relevant Media: Images, infographics, and videos can make the content more relevant. These are a good way to break up large chunks while allowing your users to interact with your content as well.
  • Share and Promote Your Content: Now that your old post has been updated, you can start to promote it as if it were new and fresh, attracting traffic to your website.

Sometimes to boost your SEO strategies, you don’t have to go completely out of your way. Starting with what you already have — old blogs — and enhancing them can be an easy way to increase your site traffic and boost your search engine ranking. Also, read Expert Solutions to combat negative SEO Attack!!! 

Deleting old material is no embarrassment. If that old content holds you back, there’s even value to be found. It’s like lifting a weight off your shoulders to get rid of it and rewriting, redirecting and improving other old content pieces. SEO Services Dubai helps to recover old traffic and, most significantly, gives Google a better impression of your site’s overall average value.

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