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The Top Three Secrets of Success: Clarity. Clarity. Clarity.

No matter what your business is, clarity is what matters the most. Are you a business owner? Do you feel that you working hard, yet still not reaching the milestones that you desire? That might be happening because your business lacks clarity. Clarity is the tool for plenty of things, including business, relationships, international relations, parenting, politics, branding would all work better with some clarity.

As we are solely talking about Business Clarity, it specifically means Clarity in Advertising, Branding, and Marketing and communications management as a whole. It does not matter which medium you are talking about, from quick tweets to a simple to TV advertising – you must be clear about what you are trying to say.
If you want your business to be successful, you must always be CLEAR about these following things.

Be Clear About Your Advertising Strategy.

Always remember, any effective advertising is a combination of two things, what to say it and How to say it. The meaning of “what to say” part is to clearly highlight what your strategy is all about. The meaning of “How to say it” part is the job of the art director and copywriter. That too again, they cannot do their tasks properly if the complete advertising strategy is not clear to them.

Brand Building? Be Clear About Your Brand.

Before you start working upon your business and looking out ways on generating more and more profit, it is extremely important to build a brand image at first. If your business has everything except brand identity, everything else is useless. Your first focus should always be upon building your brand. Take out some time and write a brand book that tells exactly what your business is all about, clear it all out so that your own people will actually remember it.

Traction for a Startup? Find A Clear Name.

If your business is a startup and people ask you any of the following questions, trust me, you messed up.
“What is the name of your business again?”
“How do you pronounce that?”
“But how do you spell that?”

“Wait, what?”
Eh, no… this is not supposed to happen.

Firstly, name is the front face, as well as the backbone of your business, it is your identity and just like your logo, your business name should portray your complete business identity. It is something, which builds a brand image whenever your mention your business name in front of someone. Go with a name, which is original, unique, creative and CLEAR. Try making it a rhyme, nice to ring and it is memorable.

Funding for your Business? Get Overall Business Clarity.

Whenever you are talking about some new business idea, be very clear about the overall benefits of the consumer and how the business services will be perfect for him. There is no chance for confusions; all you need to do is be very clear with employees, potential partners, investors and especially yourself. If the whole business idea is not clear to you, it will not be clear to the outside world.

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