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Seeking a Balance Between SEO And Excellent Architecture of Websites

You have to remember two big items when putting up your customer’s website: customers and search engines. You need an SEO-friendly website designed for search results so that as users search for your products, you’ll appear in Google.

You will need an innovative, user-friendly built website to allow customers to quickly find what they want to purchase. In specific sites with hundreds of items accessible, the problem for site operators becomes a compromise between someone being user-friendly and being SEO friendly. You have the marketing team battling to be quite straightforward about the platform’s technical and interface aspects.

Or when you have contradictory ideas from the SEO team and the digital marketing team, how do you find the right balance?

In this post, we’re going to look at various aspects of the platform to remember and certain ways you can find some common ground among these two purposes.

Navigating the Platform

Usually, web developers are on the general look, sound, and user interface of the platform. Designers and developers would be worried about the graphic elements and how users communicate with these elements. Sometimes they want to keep it as basic as possible, particularly because consumers who use mobile devices have long exceeded consumers using desktop or laptop devices.

They don’t have many items for each group because there will be fewer sections and tabs for better page navigation. However, the extended navigation with more comprehensive subcategory pages does assist in SEO Company in Dubai efforts.

These categories of sites should rely on the keywords they expect to place.

When you imagine popular e-commerce sites with hundreds or thousands of items, navigation on the web becomes much more important.


REI website design is a prime example of SEO-friendly website browsing — they have a very wide interface on the site by each group. For example, when you click on the tab ‘Camp and Walk,’ you get a huge list of pages in the subcategories.

They have comprehensive navigating, which is fine for SEO, but with the brand not quite on the top. How do you reconcile these two contrasting suggestions?

If the two teams know it or not, the objective is the same: to have a platform that has popularity in search engines and easy for users to browse and buy. All organizations continue to concentrate on addressing these two problems while discussing best practices in website development.


It involves making a website easy for users to use, and then leveraging browsers without disrupting the customer experience.

Content: Is less, or is it more?

The word material covers everything on the website, from the text to illustrations to everything in between. All of this content helps educate and involve consumers before they buy through their buying process. But not all content is made equal in the eyes of Google.

Again REI’s site is a good example of this. They have done an excellent job of linking content with web design to help users get informed about the product and describe the advantages provided by certain kinds of products.

If you use the tabs on the left side of the screen to navigate down to various description pages, you continue to discover interesting information outside of only goods. When you arrive on the main package tab, for example, you can sort the results in various ways, including by carrying backpacks, daypacks, travel packages, etc.

Content indexable

If a search engine can quickly crawl a web — easily browse, learn, and grasp the material on each page of the site — then it’s called an SEO-friendly site, and the chance of the sites featuring on the results page of search results engine is far greater.

Its use of JavaScript vs. HTML is one of the greatest problems software development and SEO Services in Dubai teams facing. HTML is perfect for Google but lacks the flexibility JavaScript carries with it, as websites are for different JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, etc. For this purpose, many developers want to use JavaScript to make the website look and work in a certain manner.

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