SEO Checklist for Website Launch

Web search tools are a vital wellspring of traffic. Simply envision the measure of free traffic you would get in case you’re in the best position for search terms that matter: it’s enormous! The accompanying rules will help your site go after that best position.

Page titles

Make sure it is an understood, succinct depiction of your page. It ought to contain the main watchwords of your page. Start with your most significant watchwords, and attempt to incorporate your image name.

Page speed

Nobody enjoys slow sites. Page speed is getting increasingly significant. Not on the grounds that speed is more significant on cell phones with more slow associations. Likewise on the grounds that Google reported speed is presently a positioning variable. A quick site will rank higher, despite the fact that exploration by Moz demonstrates the impact is difficult to quantify. You can securely accept that with Google utilizing their versatile record, the impact of page speed on your positioning will get greater. SEO Company Dubai is an expert in SEO.

Meta labels

There’s a ton of discussion regarding whether meta labels can assist you with positioning higher in Google. A ton of meta labels don’t make any difference any longer, however, the depiction of the meta tags is vital. A meta depiction is a short outline of your page. Preferably, it ought to be around 160 characters and each page should have a one-of-a-kind meta portrayal.

In spite of the fact that Google has expressed that it doesn’t utilize the meta depiction for positioning, they do frequently show it in the list items. That implies a decent meta portrayal can assist with tempting searchers to tap on your outcomes, helping your active visitor clicking percentage improve. A valid justification to ensure your meta depiction meets the rules.


A sitemap.xml is a rundown of the multitude of pages on your site, in XML design. A sitemap is an extraordinary device to accelerate ordering by Google. After you have made your sitemap, pursue Google Search Console. There, you can present your sitemap.xml. Google presently has a total image of which pages it needs to file.

Make your own sitemap at Or on the other hand surprisingly better: in case you’re utilizing a Content Management System, check if the CMS has one.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible device to quantify the number of individuals who visit your site. Without Analytics (or a comparable item), you have no clue about the thing your guests are doing on your site. Before go-live, make a record and introduce the content on your site. Instruments like

Join and introduce the code on your site. Google Tag Assistant can assist you with checking in case everything is introduced accurately.

Google Analytics can do significantly more than simply letting you know the number of guests. Ensure you put out up objectives and changes to check whether you are accomplishing your objectives. Utilize these bits of knowledge to additionally work on your site.

Website Launching Checklist


Is it accurate to say that you are dispatching another adaptation of a current site? There’s an opportunity of a lifetime that your URLs have changed. Assuming this is the case, that implies you have broken connections (blunder 404: page not found). You can fix these by making diverts.

We should discover the pages that have the most site hits. For those pages, you’ll need to set up sidetracks to the new URL. Go to Google Analytics and discover the outline of every one of your pages under Behavior – All Pages. You can send out the report as a CSV.

Confined substance

There might be content on your site that main certain individuals are permitted to see. Some unpublished substance may just be accessible to directors, while client profile information ought to just be available by the right client.

Test this completely. Are largely your consents set up effectively? An information break can truly hurt your standing.


Test your site widely. Do you have any checkout streams, request structures, contact structures, and so on? Test them from start to finish, and test every one of the potential situations. Dubai SEO Company can help you with SEO.

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