The Benefits of Designing an SEO-Friendly Website from Scratch

As we all know and commonly observe, search engine is known to be the most trusted and reliable source of information, in the modern world. Thus, entrepreneurs and businesses are making efforts to attract customers and should learn to optimize their websites SEO-friendly to stand out in millions. On the other hand, in reality, SEO or search engine optimization has turn out to be one of the most effective and powerful business development tool in today’s world.

However, many of website owners and developers, even the one who are completely aware with the amazing power of SEO, still optimizing the websites for search engines is often their second priority. They usually optimize their website once they have performed the entire key functionalities and operated their website for a while. If you are looking forward to grow your business digitally, trust us, this is not the guidance.
Here is the real talk; there is an enormous difference between developing a search engine optimized website from scratch and Search Engine Optimizing an existing website. For instance, it is just like an interior designer or architect designing your perfect dream house from ground to top and making changes in it once your home has built. Eh, irrelevant, isn’t it?

Just so you know, there are abundant advantages and merits of building a search engine optimized website from scratch, we are about to discover the top few advantages right here!

It’s Time to Lay a Better Foundation

Here is the thing, you may own the most beautiful corridor or the most captivating colors, at the end, they do not mean anything if you do not put the correct time in laying the foundation. Therefore, whether it is a house, building or a website you are making, laying a strong foundation is the most important part.
When it comes to website development, laying out a foundation would include perfectly defined website layout and architecture, optimized content and links, sitemap, appropriate tags, relevant headers etc.

This guarantee a better user experience and user-friendly interfaces, which outcomes as an amazing user behavior, repeated visits, more traffic, bookmarking, more time on page and much more that you desire!

Always Reduce the Sandboxing Period

In the modern digital analysis, Google now puts all brand new websites underneath a filter called Google Sandbox. It is an incredible attempt to firewall spam links and sites, especially the one that incorporates modest search phrases by arising in search page top rankings. However, Google will take proper time to analyses your website’s category, its content, what it’s talking about, which pages are important, how relevant the content is etc. Nevertheless, in some cases, this analysis can extend up to 6 months period. However, now here is the interesting part, if a website is perfectly search engine optimized with a clear architecture, clearly explained structure, linking etc. This way Google will take less time to index the website, and therefore, it will not need longer time for its effectiveness. In many such cases, sandboxing can come down to even two months.

Avoid the need for Spam

For many new upcoming websites, the major part of search engine optimization revolves around writing and maintaining their website content with every relevant keyword as possible. Most of the time, by performing this keyword stuffing snatches away the entire quality of your content and might reflect upon the audience to rate that your website is spam, which leads to further decrease in your rankings.

However, if you enable your website with Search Engine Optimized infrastructure and tools since the start, the need to perform such strategies to grab the audience in the starting phase of your business might reduce. It allows you to convey relevant and quality content even while optimizing your site for search engine purposes.

Make the Better Crawl Budget

In modern practices, Google assigns a specific amount of crawl budget for every website. The term crawl budget means that Google prioritizes what to crawl, when and how much resource the server that is hosting the website can assign to crawling. In short, it refers to the amount of pages Google will bring or crawl index towards your site, each day.
This number can usually vary from five to 5000 or more. It is entirely dependent upon the amount of requests reaching your site per second by Googlebot, it determines how optimized is your site for the bot.
This gives us an idea that, even if your brand new developed website has around 1000 pages or more, Google can easily index the entire thing just in a day. However, if the website lacks proper optimization, infrastructure, layout, server errors and any other issue, the whole process of this analysis to extend to months.

It Increases the Cost-Effectiveness

Once you develop a Search Engine Optimized Website from scratch, there will not be any need to optimize it further on rather than for smaller purposes. An optimized website will drive the targeted potential traffic on your site 24/7 from the start, further requirement to spend money on SEO or PPC marketing or other standards of advertising would not be required. Although, in initial stage, a bit of cost would be required to reach that stage but it will furnish long-term benefits for the business.

Wrapping it up, if you are a website developer or owner and you have not optimized your site yet, you are surely missing some incredible chances. There are ultimate merits of optimizing your site for SEO while you are developing it; it is possible to bring out incredible results even if you are making changes after the website has been live for a while. However, it will take a bit to longer to accomplish those results.
These were some top advantages that you will earn if you choose to develop your website from scratch, so do not miss out the chance and go for it!

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Do you ever wonder, even though you have designed your website amazingly, there is still lower traffic and conversion rate on your site? That is because your website is not developed SEO-friendly from the initial stage. If you are looking for incredible benefits for your business, trust us, this is what your business lacks. Click below now and explore this incredible blogpost!

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