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SEO Hacks for Your Website You Mustn’t Ignore in 2020

SEO Hacks –It’s no longer news that in recent times, Search Engine Optimization has changed the way the website operates.


Various tips for driving traffic and leading and turning pure audiences into full-blown followers have been developed and tested for over a decade. Some of them worked fine, and they didn’t have a considerable number, and some even worked out a little, then went downhill.

So, what are the surefire SEO Dubai tips you shouldn’t overlook during the strategy of building connections, blogging, social media and even optimizing searches? Let’s dive into it.

1. Use URL’s that are readable:

It’s important to get rid of long URLs. Some days, search engines are starting to think more like humans. If your target audience does not understand the URL that you are putting up there, search engines will also be confused.

Stick to URLs that are readable and relevant, easy to find for users. Do not include numbers, if you can, in your URL. It is advised to use 4-5 sentences separated by short dashes.

2. Have unique meta-descriptions:

For SEO Services in Dubai, it’s the same. In showing search results, search engines such as Google use meta descriptions along with each website’s URL and title tag. You must be up to the many others to create a unique meta description.

You may be penalized for posting on your web duplicated meta descriptions. Do not use the same meta description if you own different sites for different services.

3. Link website with relevant content:

Linking to other websites that offer quality content is a good SEO method. You can even inform influencers that you have connected them to your posts, and if they like your content, they can share it with their fans, bringing more traffic to your web.

4. Optimize your click-through rate:

There are many advantages to increasing the click-through rate. For example, when many people click on it, Google rates a higher site. It gives them a signal that you enjoy what you find on your website. If you don’t click on your site, however, Google can send it down the food chain.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your CTR is by adding numbers to your summary tag. It will push your page numbers and improve your SEO.

5. Update and republish:

Are there old posts on your website that you still feel relevant today? Go straight ahead with new information, photos, and tips to edit and upgrade it.

6. Include long-tail keywords:

Including a single keyword in your title tag is a poor SEO practice. This reduces your chances of appearing in different results of the search engine. You will get considerable search engine traffic if you add long-tail keywords into your title tag. Also, read 8 Steps to Build an SEO Friendly Blog Post.

7. Create your keywords:

Maybe this is the best SEO hack you’ll ever learn. You will rate the highest on search results when you create a unique keyword. This is because on that keyword you’re the only one that optimizes.

8. Get analytics in place:

Until you decide to launch your site, it is important to have your web analytics in place. When you can track your progress, check which content performs well, and the opinion of your target audience about your site and the service you are providing, it becomes simple.

You can make some adjustments to some of the content when your metrics are up and running, and push the site in the direction you want to go.

9. Use social media platforms:

Social media initially struggled with the live following, while SEO thrived on higher rankings on search engine algorithms. Social Media Agency Dubai will help you link both.

Although Google has not incorporated social signal as a component to its algorithm, it is difficult to downplay the role of social media in strategic SEO. You can use the following steps to push SEO across social media:

  • Create good content that can be shared through popular platforms for social media.
  • Provide buttons for sharing on your post.
  • Post them across these platforms and promote reading and sharing with your followers and friends.

SEO is an emerging trend, making changes from time to time an adjustment. Many basic hacks, however, remain the same. 

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