Top Class SEO Tools for Social Media Advertising Experts in Year 2018

Top Class SEO Tools for Social Media Advertising Experts in Year 2018

SEO, search engine optimization is all about making your recognizable towards the right audience, right? Remember that a purpose of a best SEO is only fulfilled when the viewers can easily discover your site and upon even the vase chaotic market and pages. However, keep in mind that if your content is being followed and shared by people who were your target only, the aim of spreading out the message remains unfulfilled. I am pretty sure, almost all of you, wouldn’t prefer that, right?
In order to make sure that your content leaves just the perfect impression to the right audience across the internet platforms, your best way is to tap into those crucial parts of the Internet where a majority of your audience spends there time. One such location is social media, it is the place where all the basic engagement usually occurs. Social Media is the King when it comes to audiences. It does not matter, whether a product requires exposure or any service needs attention, social media does helps you accomplishing your goals in no time.
Today, I am going to disclose some of the best SEO tools secrets for social media experts for implementing best SEO practices. So without any further bragging, let’s delve in.


As this tool is quite common, I am sure most of you out there have already heard about this tool before. Out of all the world’s most renowned SEO tools used for Social Media advertising, OktoPost is known the best by far permitting users to generate leads for businesses conveniently on the go. Whenever it comes to social sharing, this business to business social media management tool is indeed amazing where you can easily schedule a post and track its progress afterwards. Moreover, to its effectiveness in making an impact, once it is out, there is no stop to it as it starts floating into the market.
Oktopost keeps track of your entire social media marketing channels and recognizes when a conversion takes place. Then, it informs you time to time on how the lead got converted showing you the number of engagements. However, do you know that the best part about Oktopost is that it automatically places the most engaging posts to the top, which permits you to work only on those part of content. This way, you can easily make your engagements on the post even better.


InkyBee is another, one of the best social media marketing tool that helps you monitor, organize and share quality content through your multiple social media channels. If your product or service promotes quality content within its boundaries, it is high time you take advantage of this amazing tool to build healthy relationships with your customers. InkyBee helps you do this and a lot more, all within just one tool.
All the businesses look out for influencers, are you seeking the right influencers? All you just have to do is make use of this tool, simply. All you got to do is, simply enter your desired keyword and you get linked information through your social media connections that are most likely to be connected with your product and services. With InkyBee, you can build a strong and productive audience around your product, and learn about your influencers by understanding how occasionally and frequently they post.


Still no idea about what Cyfe is? Well, not anymore. Always remember that one of the worst things that any social marketing department can perform is giving too much attention to a particular post, more than it was required in the first place. All you really require is an SEO tool for social media advertising that gets job done easily and conveniently. Content writers and specialists spend hours brainstorming and writing the content that a post should be based on, how it should look like, and how it must be displayed. A post which is written with proper ideas and brainstorming surely makes to it, but if it fails to make the correct impact, imagine the time and efforts wasted in order to incorporate it.
What you need to do is just keep all that you post on social media on a Single dashboard, undivided and all at a place. It can help you easily be updated on what’s going on in your social media marketing channels and what you can do to make required changes. Cyfe helps you in creating your own custom dashboard incorporating all the important features that you need to organize your social media work and postings.


Whether you are a manager, a website owner, a digital marketing strategist or basically just a simple content writer, Google Analytics is a tool all of you must-have which provides you with incredible insight on website traffic. With this specific tool, you can keep a check on your target audiences in real-time and understand which parts of your website is gaining more traction and which part is getting lesser traction.
With Google Analytics, you can track about all the visitors that are viewing your website. If you use a demographic view, you can easily find out who’s visiting your website and how they came to know about your website in the first place. Google Analytics is an interesting web analytic tool, which can help you amazingly in order to boost your marketing. You aren’t only limited to SEO or social media channels, you may experience multiple marketing tools with it and reach at a great length.


Every business and social media marketer dream of staying ahead the competition and nail every beat. Do you recall the last time you used some social media marketing tool or SEO tool in order to boost up your marketing game!

Well, if you have not up till now, it is high time that now you do, pick any of the tool from the above mentioned list, experiment them and let us know how did they turn out to be for you.

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