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What Will Shape the Future of SEO? Top Trends to look for in the Following year

If you just stop for a second, look back and wonder for a second about the beginning of SEO, from where it all began, it is pretty incredible how far it has reached in the last span of years, even in the past couple of months. And just like every other year, we are here looking at some of the Google predictions that might help us and you, to stay ahead for the following year and beyond in the ever changing game of Search engine optimization.

Introducing Google’s Third Most Essential Ranking Factor

Though it has been quite a few years for its launch, Google recently announced that RankBrain is one of the third most important ranking signal. That is why you might have heard a lot about it this year. Before we really learn about how it affects our sites, let us first know how it operates.

What is RankBrain?

Rank Brain is Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence engine that sorts all the search results. It understands and processes the search queries, the relationship it owns between terms and then changes them into mathematical equations.
Later it tweaks the algorithm and provides every result based upon assumption. If the behavior metrics comes back with statement of better results, it often stays. And if not, it goes back to the old algorithm. Quite advanced? It is, small tweaks that led to the Rank Brain gaining some more traction from Google and the only reason we consider important moving forward.
Google tried to match the words on the page. They use inbound links, text links and keywords to provide the best results to researchers. While it did, it means that you can fill your content with keywords and Google will know the best results for the new query service. For example, if you are looking for a “Google Mountain Beer”, you will encounter a problem with the correct result of your service (Coors). Unless the “mountains” are a text or keyword used in the site version, we will not get the results we are looking for.
Today, RankBrain explains that you already understand by your query, like humans. Rank brain takes your keywords, searches and covers a web page. You can do the previous search query and throw it into the search bar, where we believe you will be successful in implementing RankBrain.

UI/UX Continue to Gain SEO Traction

UX signals and the Behavior Metrics are now becoming much more powerful metric for Google and Rank Brain is just the beginning. Your content must be high quality and relevant enough to make it to the first page rankings.
Now whatever used to be quite reserved for landing pages junkies and inbound has now become a necessity for all those looking to compete in the 2018 SEO landscape. This same way the content must remain engaging enough for the user, your website design must always draw the user in and move them throughout the site.

How do you design for the UX and SEO?

Google looks forward to furnish the best experience for its users and you must do the exact same thing for yourself. Some great website design, which is focused around the user, anything that makes all the difference. Just try and look out for these user experience best practices and all the concepts for your website design to enhance the user experience.

Cognitive Fluency

The psychological concept of literacy refers to the ease or difficulty of completing mental work. Human nature is to select an operational path that uses at least energy and mental power. If you easily share what you are following on your website, users will leave quickly. That’s why Google considers the time on the site in its algorithm. If users are happy with your site, it is likely that others remain in place and complete their mission. On the other hand, if users enter your site quickly, Google assumes that your site does not provide the correct information or that it is difficult to use.
This is where simple design begins with simple mobility and our brain does not like to be too conscious. Websites should integrate blank spaces and provide content easily for the user to explore. If you perform your work on your website it is very difficult, users will move on to the next Google search result.

Offer some Simple Choices

Similarly, the users are more likely to take action upon your website when they are have some distinct, the simple choice remains in front of them. Using the same clear cut call to actions (CTAs) will guide the users to view more pages on your website, indicating that there is a positive experience to Google.

Why are Backlinks still Important?

Backup links are one of the easiest ways for Google to determine the strength of the site. If a valid site is linked to your site, Google can also guess the information. How do you measure this? Our main criterion is the use of domain authority.
The field strength of the banana scale consists of several data points, which ultimately gives us a score of 1-100 on the reliability of the site. The link back to you above the level above the level of the power range: the highest ranking in the SERP.
Metrics such as Domains are a great way to determine what Google thinks of sites related to your domain. You can see background links in the Google search console and then click on them in moz to get a profile of the site.
If your site is low, you know it will not work for your background profile. If the site is spam, we suggest you discard it before selecting it. This is especially true if you have purchased links or used black hat techniques to obtain them.
If you have unwanted links, it only happens when the penguin algorithm updates your site and shares black and white photos from the SERPs.

Although we do not expect the penguin to express his concern, it is important that he follow the back of the links and follow the high quality links. It’s all about quality now, without trying to attract more and more links, or doing anything for your site.

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