These Simple Hacks Can Actually Save Your Site

These Simple Hacks Can Actually Save Your Site

Websites are always supposed to be simple and catchy, and technology is known to make it much easier than it is, so why is that over the past few span of years building and designing websites has actually become such a complex and challenging task?
It is mostly because of the divergent technologies that are not working out in the same pace as the other one. It one point, the screens are monitoring that the 640px are common, and almost every website supported this. Just within five years, all of these low resolution monitors were outdated and the sites gradually stopped this version. Unfortunately, what happened next is that many designers moved away from the other side and started designing a website that could not be presented regularly to the user. As a result, thousands of web development books, with a standard page width of 750 pixels, are interested in developing developers.
When you become a new widescreen, it did not happen long ago, many developers started to develop bigger sites again, usually a width of around 1024 pixels or 1200 pixels. Developers at least repeat the skill of past errors, and forget the construction sites to the fullest extent of their workstations that normal users can usually not have more than 1600 pixels, and most of them are more limited.
Between all this, there was a new revolution quietly, and suddenly the users of mobile devices were connected everywhere, and the location was easy for mobile users to connect much better than the usual site at that time.
There were two other things that were rapidly happening. First, the instant popularity of social media, and all the old standards such as Orkut, MySpace were cut out, while Facebook and Twitter were getting on the top. The second thing that happened, the WordPress become a lot more common between people to the real CMS and suddenly it was a real deal.

Not every connection is equal – Unnecessary High Bandwidth Page Loads Are stealing From the Mobile Users

The really disturbing problem is that most users do not have unlimited mobile data plans, which means they can read 500 MB or 1 GB of speed if they cannot access the Wi-Fi connection point.

If you are Using WordPress or something similar, disable smart quotes

Smart quotes are, in fact, part of the printing industry and are mainly used for decorative purposes. You do not see them in plain text. You can see them in advertisements and titles, but not in regular pages that make up the main part of the book or magazine. It is not possible to use them in normal paragraphs on a web page or any other electronic text. When you need to use smart quotes, it is better to use FontAwesome graphic characters instead of real quotes because they look better and create the correct focus level. So, if the smart price offer is active, then it’s time to turn it off.

Always Remain Responsive

As mentioned earlier, mobile device users are growing demographically, and Google is also trying to force it to support these users (over time, Google is currently running a mobile operating system). No matter what you do, if your site does not support mobile users, your Google ranking can be a great success. You may be surprised, because many of the sites that you think are already compatible with mobile device users and that are good on mobile devices, Google tools are still not clear that the site of mobile devices is not compatible. However, recognizing Google’s mobile support is definitely secondary to its availability. Even if the whole spectrum of your efforts is to tell users that your site is not suitable for viewing on a mobile device, it is better than not to have support.
The static and flexible masks no longer make sense. Your site must be able to respond or adapt to different viewing environments or sites that may be lost. Fortunately, with all the improvements made in CSS and HTML, it is easier than your site around the world.

Avoid Using the Default Error Pages

Easy to make error pages for your website is easy and you should definitely do it. The standard error pages are often not precise enough and can be confusing for the beginning users of the website. Creating your own error pages looks better and gives you more control over what users see and can happen when an error occurs. This orange sample is using a flow chart to guide clients in solving their 404 problem, which is quite entertaining and innovative. At least another 10,000 people copy this idea.

Update Often

Stale content will always affect your search engine ranking, because any site that has good reputation and fresh content will have a lot better content as only one will have vital ingredients. You have to be innovative in looking out ways to keep the things updated and interesting.

Don’t Place the Ads too prominently

This advice seems to conflict with the logic, but in fact, the ads that are currently displayed can work prominently against you. Users tend to ignore ads that are prominently displayed unless they are really well designed. The most accurate ads placed near the end of the content or, eventually, will get more clicks because the user has already fulfilled their need for information as they finish reading any important content. Therefore, they would be more considered when considering the ad link.

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