The fall of Social Media Reach and Engagement – Tips and Guidance on how to Re connect with your Customers

The fall of Social Media Reach and Engagement – Tips and Guidance on how to Re-connect with your Customers

I am sure we all are quite a fan of James Cameron and his world class famous movie series, “The Terminator”, in which he showed a fascinating way on how the world will finally end. It showed the whole idea of Doomsday, set in the year 1984. That thought might have been disturbing, however, who do you think is going to save us from our Doomsday?

If you are an owner of any business, or if you are a digital marketing strategist, running some particular campaign for your business, there are some terrible chances that you must have had to face with the sloppy fall of engagement and organic reach. Since the year 2016, it is observed that the engagement and organic reach of Facebook has been slopped down to over 52%, horribly. All the major companies and the authorities were quite terrified. Many digital marketers were called upon and even the social media accountants were distressed as to what might have happened.

Just when the marketers were slowly recovering from their wreckage and loss, another update came storming down the market. In the last year 2017, Buzzsumo informed about an update which released an update resulting in another drop of 20% in the entire social media marketing organic reach. Things changed quite disturbing for all the people who had a business startup, and for who’s with renowned settled businesses, which expected a higher reach for social media marketing.

Adding up to the disappointment, it was known that no proper warning or even after cause was not given from the Facebook officials to tell about the sudden drop in the engagement and organic reach. However, it is high time that we stop ranting about it and take the measures to solve all these problems.

It is been known that the best and the perfect way to solve an issue is to deal with it hands-on. And this is what we are about to do here. Here are some top strategies and expert advices to help you tackle the coming decline in your social media organic reach, in a proper manner:

Create Unique Content for Every Social Media Platform

More and more people and businesses are gradually coming to social media platforms to interact and communicate, built and connect with other people for the growth of their company platform. It is true that Twitter has increased their tweet character limit to 280 characters, it does not justify that you should use the same content for both Twitter and Facebook. It is all about tracking where your targeted audience belongs to and about telling your story in a way and pattern that it’s worth listening to.

It is true that creating content for each social site takes time. But it is true that once you put the hard work, it pays off finally once your content relates to the audience and they responses back to it.

Understand the Social Media Algorithms

You may have observed, as soon as you finally log in to your social media account, your newsfeed is flooded with millions of content. How do you think it happens? Every social media channel and platform observes your account, interest, reading behavior and the things you might be interested in. This is when the algorithm comes, which observes this and then puts those particular content into your newsfeed.
If you are a social media manager or marketer, it is important to learn about the social media algorithms. Because once you finally understand the inner game of the social media algorithms, it can be an advantage for us help us to increase our organic reach.

The basic algorithm for Facebook works like, posts and pictures by your friends, family and then finally the entertainment section. In order to get the detailed information about the Facebook algorithm, you can easily search more details about it online and how it helps in to increase your social marketing’s organic reach. Coming towards Instagram, the type of pictures with hashtags you often like and comment upon, become the favorite one for Instagram and is displayed accordingly.

When it comes to twitter, it keeps on changing its algorithm procedures, most of the things that are displayed on your feed is based upon the most trending tweets on Twitter. Around 100, 000 algorithms are involved in the newsfeed each day. The perfect way to target it is to keep an eye on the changing algorithms each day. Experiment new things but make sure to nail it every time.

Keep a Separate Budget for Social Media

The problem with social media budget is that most of the people and businesses are not sure how much budget do they need to set aside for social media marketing. If you are looking to enhance your social media game, you must set aside an appropriate amount of budget for social media marketing. If your business is a startup, look forward to put some budget for sponsored ads.

Along with your campaign ads, you can even use the sponsored ad to be creative. You must do a little homework on the marketing tactics of the famous brands and their requirements for different platforms.


The best part about social media is that there are no limitations and you have unlimited power for what to create, test and check what works for your brand and what does not. These are some of the solutions for the present problems regarding the declining organic reach. They are known to be successful, so try them out and fill in the blank spaces!


If your business is suffering with low organic reach and social media engagement, then this blog might work for you! Choose the best ways and solutions to increase your social media engagement to connect with your customers again. Explore through the blog and comment below!

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