super Basic Skills Every UX UI Designer Must Excel

Super Basic Skills Every UX/UI Designer Must Excel

Finding a good job in today’s time can be a hard nut to crack. As new businesses and entrepreneurs are stepping up in the market, so does the young and talented people. Now, with the ongoing competition, you have to be the jack of all and master of the circus as well – sounds impossible, right?

If doing both of them sounds impossible to you, then you might just dip a little bit toe in the ocean of both worlds, which are closely related to each other and could be the nearest possible way of survival in this fast growing world. Let us have a look upon the job roles of UX and UI designers. Although they do not usually, overlap, but having a proper command over the skillset that does overlap, can be a lifesaver.

It is not essential that the UX Designer should be a master of Sketch or Photoshop; neither will a UI Designer truly understands the psychology behind the user experience.

If you can easily perform the both roles and alternate between two, you can look much clearer ahead of you, simply in the bigger picture ahead. It would also give you a thumb up in any creative project if you know even a bit about the UX or the UI.

Therefore, here are some of the basic overlapping UX and UI skills, every designer must possess.

Visual Communication

Visual communication are one of the most essential and advanced skills of any designer. That is because, it all truly begins with an idea inside your head that may contain multiple inspirations but there is nothing as your original idea. Now that idea, you must explain it to your project managers, developers and teammates.

If you got the sketching skills, that is amazing. However, if you can sketch digitally, that is incredible. You must learn how to work with digital wireframes, interactive prototypes and mockups that serve the same similar purposes.

It does not matter, which medium you use for designing visual assets, at the end of the matter, it would not matter. You must have various tools in the toolbox. In fact, if you genuinely know how to wireframe, you can even get away without actually using Photoshop.

The main idea is to let your ideas flow through the development team, the design team, marketing team and other teams as a whole. Content is important, however, when you add a visual representation, it is much less complicated and then, the biggest merit you will have is that it will be understandable and well explained between all the staff. It will be cleared whether they even support the idea or not.

In addition, besides making everyone understand your idea, another responsibility lies under the shoulders of web designers are the soft skills. When you explain the whole idea, do not let people not at you and sit there. Be quiet open about your idea and explain it wherever needed, it is vital for your work.

User Advocacy and Empathy

If you are a designer, the first thing you need to choose is that, who your target market is. Why is that? Because we are creating the website for the users and customers.

Those days are left quite behind when people used to create products in isolation and then brought it to public. Um yes. It is the era of customers and buyers today, if you do not know your target audience, if you do not empathize with them and present yourself as a solution to their issues; there are strong chances that you will fail.

Being a UI or UX designer, you need to be there for the user. You can simply ask the audience regarding there likes and dislikes via usability testing, which could help you find roots and food for thought on what changes might be required.

Listening to the complains of the users, let it be prospect or existing is extremely important for a pretty interface. Assisting and advocating the user is the number one good skill of the good UX designer today, so empathize with your customers and be open about your ideas simply.

Design Software

A UX designer may not be well aware with Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator but UI designer is always well skilled with at least one of these.

At times, it is hard to differentiate between both of them that is exactly what the tricky part is in the market, telling you to gain maximum skills. An UI designer usually focuses on creating more visuals, like logos, while a UX designer works to ensure how they will behave in real-time.

However, if you still do not want to stand out as the most incredible job candidate, perhaps simply studying Sketch and Photoshop could add up.

Another interesting Desktop software includes, Adobe suite, which you can have in your Arsenal. UXPin and InVision are the best one in this regard. A plus point in it is that many UI designers are now adding up UX designer’s skills to their list as well. For your further convenience, there are certain online courses and tutors available you might help you out just online!

Critical Thinking

At times, empathy can quite be an immaterial skill to have but it can work wonders when it comes to content. In order to realize your target market and produce something better, you must attain critical thinking. It is not quite possible without empathizing with them and learning about their problems, most of all.

Simply analyze the individual problems, contemplate with your audience, find out more about their choices and needs and how do they choose a design with the help of user testing. Gather user feedback and try to break them one by one.

Although, this may sound like an easy job and absolutely anybody can extract problems. The real deal is to have critical thinking, analyze those problems and come up with a solution.

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