superb ideas for post on social media

Superb Ideas for Brands on What to Post on Social Media

Here is a survey by the Statista statistics, the monthly users of Instagram increased from 600 million in December 2016 to 700 million in April 2017, which makes Instagram one of the most famous and fastest growing social networking platforms in the world. Instagram is no doubt the best platform for marketing, advertising, as well as for blogging purposes.
Unbelievably, this is incredibly true. Because again, the statistics shows that 75% of Instagram users take instant action, such as visiting your website, after they see your ad post or story. Instagram users might know about your product or service through Instagram. Now here is the question, now with so many brands already advertising their services through Instagram, how to make your business stand out? You need to keep coming up with new innovative ideas and what to post on Instagram, which is not an easy task; do you often run out of ideas? No worries, Adweb Studio has combined the list of some superb ideas to post regularly, which will enhance your Instagram stardom.

Follow these Tips:


Let us begin with a basic one. For all the businesses on Instagram, products are nothing unique or extraordinary, but how they promote their products, is what makes all the difference. Many popular brands are now compiling their product photo along with celebrity endorsements for maximum publicity.

Products in Action

Do you know that you can now give your customers an opportunity to experiences all your products? Post images along with your products in action, because that is what your customers are looking to see and experience.


You can post the pictures of your employees on Instagram, this gives many benefits which most of the businesses do not realize. These pictures will portray your company’s culture and give something interesting to your followers. It also creates a sense of teamwork and unity. Most of all, it can simply go viral as many of the employees will share it with their friends and family.


Share and publish the stories and photos for your happy customers that will double your Word of mouth marketing as a testimonial, which will definitely boost your brand’s credibility. Once a customer will see himself or herself on your Instagram, they are going to share it with their family and friends, making your brand to ago viral.

Behind the Scenes Look

We all love getting a little of sneak peek of our beloved celebrities a bit behind the curtains. The same rule is also applied to brands, try to give your followers a behind the scenes look by posting some pictures on Instagram and they are surely going to love it.

The Inception Shot

Do you recognize the picture in picture feature in TVs? Yes, that concept might sound old but it still works madly. Try taking the inception shot, share it upon Instagram, and give your followers some unique experience to see.


As videos, live videos, Boomerang, all these trends are rapidly growing, always keep these in mind. Instagram has now doubled the length to almost 1 minute, this is a good chance for businesses as they can now promote their services and convey their messages in a much better way. Promote your products and keep the followers engaged at the same time, make sure they do not get bored at any point.


Well, are you feeling down? Get back on the track and help others do the same with some motivational and inspirational quotes. You might be surprised, but quotes get much better recognition and engagement from users as compared to anything else.

Although, there are million other unique ways, but these are some of the top, try these and see the wonders!

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