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Take Your SPA Mobile App to Simple Easy Steps

Heavily driven by repeat business, the spa and salon industries. While their services (haircuts, manicures/pedicures, massages, etc.) are important and often seek, with somewhat identical competitors, the industry itself is going beyond.

So how are you distinguishing? What’s a step above the rest of your shop?


The answer is simple, innovative. In supplying your consumers with a mobile app, you’re not just going to show you’re ready for what’s next, but you’re also going to give them just what they need — a software that makes their lives simpler. App Development Company Oman will create one.

Mobile App Development Dubai specifically designs your app to target and create loyal customers.

Mobile reservations:

  • Add an optional upfront appointment fee.
  • Manage your appointments with a built-in calendar.
  • Receive email notifications when appointments are scheduled.
  • Provide simple appointment scheduling for users. 
  • Book more clients and improve repeat appointments.

Loyalty Cards:

  • Implement a conventional digital stamp card edition.
  • Manage your app coupon operation.
  • Develop different rates of rewards to best reward the most loyal users.
  • Provide users with an opportunity to return to your company.
  • Book more customers and improve consumer loyalty.

Push Notifications:

  • Implement a user-friendly notification system.
  • Manage your notifications across various platforms.
  • Target specific users and locations using radial and geo-fencing technologies.
  • Provide users with easy updates and vital information.
  • Book more customers and increase user interaction.

Mobile Payments:

  • Install a mobile payment system 
  • Manage your users ‘ purchases and payments. 
  • Easily accept payments for a business account with your PayPal.
  • Provide users with a simple and quick way to make payments.
  • Book more customers and increase sales.

Millions of apps are downloaded every day, which is a great opportunity to discover your company.

We always keep our smartphone with us, which is why your customers can book at any time with your app. And at any time. Moreover, you will increase the frequency of your customers visiting your center thanks to the possibility of creating deals on the fly and the push notifications. Get straight to your client.  

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Features of Spa Mobile App:

1. Scheduling:

We must be able to find a good time slot in their schedule for the customer to have a positive experience at your spa. Overbooking and underbooking can adversely affect the customer experience and the profitability of the operation. You can try to use a setup app like Google Calendar or try to create your software that can connect with your customers while setting up and maintaining appointments.

2. Pricing:

The spa experience is not always readily mapped out for the consumer with pricing, which in the billing process can lead to a lot of needless ambiguity. With electronic transactions made possible by various mobile devices and commercial networks, it can now be easily avoided.

3. Diverse features:

Most spas come with a variety of services and apps. Your customers need to understand the full range of services your spa offers (physical therapy, sauna, facials, etc.). Otherwise, how are you going to sell it? The best way is to build your app to have the best possible menu item layout/presentation. No one knows better than you about your palette or style.

4. Maintenance:

One of the most important factors of any spa, which is too often ignored, is the maintenance of this kind of sector. The room needs to give the customers a feeling of cleanliness. Through having a mobile app that gives you updates and alerts specific to your company and its needs, keep up with maintenance tasks.

Finally, the new mobile era is perfect for businesses and start-ups as it empowers them with new customer experience possibilities. From the comfort of our mobile devices, products and services can be called up, and mobile apps are continually increasing with new ways to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Use this technology to build an app for your spa today to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Let’s Get in Touch:

Providing a mobile app that not only makes life easier for customers but also allows you to interact with them, you will exploit one of the best ways to generate new business and keep the current business going. Get in touch with us today.

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