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Technical SEO Tips to Get The Most of An E-Commerce Website

You already know that it is important to consider SEO when building e-commerce sites for customers. But it is also important to consider that for non-retail sites, SEO Services in Dubai for e-commerce websites is slightly different from SEO, and keeping these differences in mind is critical when optimizing stores for your customers.


1. Pagination:

On e-commerce websites, pagination is often required to separate the content of category landing pages into more digestible sections. Nonetheless, the pagination method used may affect the performance of the SEO. One of the most common methods of implementing pagination is an infinite scroll that loads more products automatically when a user gets to the bottom of the page, in much the same way as social networks load more posts.


2. Faceted Navigation:

Faced navigation helps potential customers to navigate their way through the product range provided by your brand. By size, color, or even style, this can be done. Nonetheless, you can end up with lots of very long URLs containing duplicates of other site pages— none of which will assist SEO.


3. Product option:

One thing to be careful about is to create different pages for each product option. For example, if your customer sells a pair of shoes in five colors, some designers like to set up five different product pages— one for each color of the product. This can lead to cannibalization, meaning that search engines do not know which page to rank for a keyword. It means that in the search results, the pages end up competing with each other.


4. Out-of-stock products:

SEO’s best option is to keep products alive but out of stock marked, so users know they can’t buy them. Nevertheless, if your customer can not hold items out of stock life, redirect users to the landing page of the category. Use a 301 redirect if the product never returns to stock. If the product may return to stock, use a 302.


5. Seasonal product refreshes:

Consider keeping category landing pages alive when seasonally refreshing products, so visitors can still find the site based on core keywords. This also enables you to have a page to maintain rankings for keywords that are out of season. That way, you won’t see a massive drop in visibility or have to start your visibility work from scratch next season, because when it wasn’t live, your’ jumpers ‘ page lost all its rankings.


6. Optimization of recommendations and options:

When your customer has thousands of products on their site, optimization may take some time. However, there are several ways in which you can quickly ensure that their pages are all optimized and that they have unique title tags and meta descriptions. 

To ensure that you have a strong enough base from which to optimize, you need both long and short keywords to work with. 


7. Internal navigation:

Most retail sites have wide menus with a variety of categories of products listed on them. This approach is key to product indexing.

It is especially important if your customer is a seasonal business and sells products, such as coats or flip-flops, that go into an out of season.use a combination of HTML sitemaps and footer links, and consider keeping some offseason pages linked from the main menu as some customers will still want to purchase it.


8. International targeting:

It is important to have a unique website for each location for international targeting, which will allow for localized content, product pricing, and details on delivery. You will also be able to attract new visitors by having localized content. Search volumes show that people in their local language are more likely to search for their products than in English.


9. Social media and payment:

Social Media marketing Dubai makes sure you consider what potential customers of your products want to communicate with you when internationalizing a website. Just as you locate the content, you need to include elements of the interests of both social media and payment options for each country that your company represents.


10. Mobile, speed, and future:

Mobile App Development Dubai makes sure to include in your strategy the following:

  • Image optimization, alt tags, and sitemaps.
  • Video optimization, including structured data.
  • Structured data about products, articles and voice search prices.

Implementing these changes would help to open new customers and new audiences to the shop.


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