The Best 6 Landing Page Design for Your Website!

With these days a host of landing page builders available, it’s easy to think about taking care of the design process. But even with your side’s best landing page creator, you have to make lots of design choices that will decide your page’s success.

The Web Design Dubai is designing your landing pages from scratch and starting with templates with an awesome effort.


Moreover, there are some design faults that we see throughout the web and therefore, Web Design Bahrain provides you with these six common mistakes to stop your website from crashing.

1. Not getting enough landing pages:

The main problem we see is simply not having enough of them in landing page design. Each service you provide should have its special landing page, and every big product you sell should also have one of its own. For instance, a small business will have different accounting standards compared to a larger business. Similarly, some gaming fans will resonate with titles and genres other fans won’t. 

You might have better luck by targeting specific user interests instead of selling a device with generic messaging. The problem with not having enough landing pages is that your messages will be too vague to identify specific interests of the audience that are important for enhancing conversions.

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2. Unspecific messaging:

As described above, the lack of proper landing pages tends to lead to unclear messages and this is a serious problem. Good web design starts with the concept of a target audience list and the development of messages targeted to each of their particular needs.

For example, let’s say you are selling business software. For almost every type of business, you can identify two key audiences: the business owner and high-level purchasing authority staff. The business owner is more likely to be interested in how much money your product can save them and employees are more likely to be attracted by how much time your product can save.

3. Cluttered layouts: 

The first mistake you’ll probably fall into is a cluttered layout in terms of visual design. Do not seek to be creative with the basics; stick to a straightforward layout that helps users to access your message and see the most important elements on your website. 

No style works for every case, but for just about every occasion, the single-column layout is a solid choice. It removes the user vision workload, provides one key piece of information at a time, and optimizes itself to a great extent for phones. Above all, a single column layout is difficult to clutter.

4. Distracting elements of design:

This one is also painfully popular. There are parts of your landing page that should attract the attention of the consumer as soon as they see them and others that should not. Do you want the pop-up to distract attention from your call-to-action or a video explainer to stop the user’s journey through your page? 

Be mindful of the styling of design elements as well. Choices of a dodgy font, a display of bold color in the wrong place, or a distracting picture will take care of parts of your page that should most stand out.

5. Missable CTAs: 

The call-to-action is one of the design elements that should stand out on each page. Such issues must be obvious when users scroll down the page, but there are many factors why they may go unseen:

  • Distracting design elements: avoid other design elements distracting user focus from your CTAs as stated in the previous point.
  • Bad positioning of CTA: putting the CTAs too far down the page means that people may never see them. By putting them too far away from your message’s core benefits, the ability to take action may be reduced whether or not users see them.
  • Lack of incentive: A CTA that forces people to act will always stand out in front of a less inspiring one. It depends on your call-to-action message as much as your CTA button’s email.
  • Lack of contrast: using high contrast is the easiest way to make your CTA visually stand out on the screen. Bold colors are the obvious choice, but you can also use scale, shape, and design to make your CTAs stand out from other forms of contrast.

For every landing page, you create, creating CTAs that encourage action is important. We need to catch user interest before they can do so, however, and point them in the direction of taking the desired action.

6. Do not optimize the conversion forms: 

When it comes to optimizing conversions, landing page forms are often ignored. This is quite odd because the forms are the main test users need to cross before converting which is the whole landing page design issue. 

Google Analytics is not a bad tool to optimize forms, but a dedicated form optimization tool may give you better results. It comes with a choice of already optimized forms that can be directly inserted on your landing pages. You will also obtain analytics reports for specific fields of shape to see where users run into problems and customization options to boost functionality without typing any coding.

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