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The Best Messaging App to Boost Your Business in 2019

Messaging apps are the future of business communication, providing greater speed and convenience for customers to communicate with businesses, and improving business efficiency and productivity.


Apps for business messaging are much more than just a way to send messages quickly. Mobile App Development in Jeddah offers a wide range of additional features for automation and organization. It will take some research and an understanding of your needs to find the right messaging app for your business.

The article will discuss the main features and benefits for the company to look for from text messaging apps or instant messaging apps.

Mobile App Development Dubai will help you explore some of the best messaging apps currently available for companies.

  • Text Magic: TextMagic allows you to use a web app or email to create automatic messages, planning, and a two-way chat. 
  • Simple and easy to use tools to schedule and send texts.
  • It makes them a perfect option for new SMS marketing campaigns and customer service for businesses. 
  • TextMagic also allows you to send up to 918 characters for longer messages.
  • It, therefore, gives you more flexibility to communicate with customers.
  • Everything from the app or web portal can be managed from mailing lists, text scheduling, and ongoing conversations. 
  • There is also a gateway API, however, that helps you to incorporate SMS into your existing business systems.


  • Teledrip:
  • Teledrip is an artificial intelligence-driven SMS system. 
  • Its features are primarily designed to keep track of leads and help your live sales agents.
  • Teledrip can create appointments in addition to automating your marketing and sales messages, answering simple questions about your business. 
  • It can also qualify leads to ensure that your sales resources are used most efficiently. 
  • By starting the conversation via text to schedule a suitable call time, Teledrip will help you get around this. 
  • And, along the way, you will learn more about the needs of your guide. Using many bulk messaging apps that offer an API, this process can be set up. 
  • Using artificial intelligence, however, allows more personal interactions than just texting shortcodes.
  • Also, when qualifying leads, it can handle more complex queries and requests.


  • Nexmo:
  • Nexmo provides a versatile SMS API focusing on privacy and security. 
  • To verify users, it offers an integrated two-factor authentication method.
  • It also makes communications with a personal and anonymous email. 
  • The SMS API of Nexmo is good for advanced users. 
  • The code is not given, however, to use it immediately. Instead, you need to use the API to create a tailor-made solution that suits your needs. 
  • While the development of a purpose-built SMS solution has many benefits, you must take into account the extra set-up time and cost. 
  • It helps the app to read purpose from customer messages and to figure out from just partial information where they wanted to go.


  • Heymarket:
  • Heymarket is an app designed to support customer service teams with text messaging.
  • Your team can easily stay in touch with customers and partners using shared inboxes. 
  • Maintaining both SMS and instant messaging messages in one location makes it easy to achieve. 
  • Every shared inbox can be easily added and removed by team members.
  • This allows you to distribute customer service agents more efficiently and improve response times. 
  • Heymarket also helps the team members to leave in-line customer interactions with personal notes and feedback. 
  • It helps your colleagues to pursue a consistent approach and stay up to speed on the situation of each customer.

Benefits of messaging apps for your business:


1) Stay connected:

Messaging apps make it easy for your employees to stay in touch with you and keep tabs on them, no matter how far they are around the world. This is one of the most common reasons business owners opt for business messaging apps. Mobile App Development Company Dubai bridges the gap between time and space and ensures that all your employees work exactly as you would like them to.


2) Digital payment:

Mobile payment is another interesting feature of the messaging app. This feature will boost digital payments with the popularity of messenger apps. It has become as easy to send or make payments as sending SMS. Monetizing messengers is in the experimental phase, but in the course, several applications are making progress.


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