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The Definitive Guide to The SEO of Magento

With Magento being common as the most difficult SEO network, it is safe to assume that when pursuing a venture with their programme, one has his hands full. However, with a few development methods and strategies, many of the typical technological challenges that occur when operating with the framework can be overcome. So we’re going to offer you a few suggestions with our definitive Magento SEO guide to help you stop headaches in the future, to keep you from slamming your heads against a wall in anger.

Easy & customizable Product Configuration

It’s crucial to understand that the duplicate versions should not be listed if you happen to use basic products or customizable products in Magento. Many people use basic products as a way of creating various versions or colours of a component so that it can be for the show on list pages. So if one does not actively add specific content to pages or create basic items, the better choice will be to use the canonical tag to show that the variations are part of a big thing that can be modified.

A Quick Look: Canon URL

There are a few international presences to set the canonical tags at the lower part of Magento so that they can display on the class and product pages. These choices guarantee that the canonical tag leads one iteration of each site to the required one. So when it comes to diverse indexing versions, ecclesiastical assistance prevents classification problems

Name of name Tag Conventions

Conferences on product title tags allow one to delegate or add parameters based on colour, gender, etc.

Columns from Magento

Magento is infamous for inaccurate use of headings. So many have used no titles or several H1s on different pages to prevent this problem.

URLs for Goods

Set the Magento configuration to use top-level URLs for items, instead of inserting group paths to the URLs.



Resting in the back-end of Magento, there is a choice that helps you to redirect if you adjust the URL. However, rewrite difficulties can be if the CSV files are inappropriately or if the Link keys are updated periodically.

Pages to Quest

Often it seems as though Magento and Google aren’t allowed to cooperate when it refers to google search (especially though Google indexes thousands of pages). To avoid such problems, you should start by outlawing the no-index assignment, and then following the macro robot tags to your SEO Company Dubai search results page.


When it comes to creating XML sitemaps, Magento is not the best because it renders portions of the site available (which you would like to leave private). The easiest way to deal with this issue would be to build two separate sitemaps. Have a map of your content pages; Have a plan of your items. It not only makes indexing easy for Google, but it also provides for higher visibility of the sites.

Rewriting URL Questions

It’s shockingly normal for Magento to have problems with URL rewrite, but these problems are nothing that will halt production. Blocking the URLs, you’re rebuilding and ensuring they don’t go live will be one way to address Dubai SEO Company this question.

Secure Pages

It is extremely popular for Google to index protected pages for non-secure websites. Revising the pages or canonicalizing the pages into HTTP versions will be one way to avoid this issue. This patch can, however, be for account sites, checkout pages or HTTP articles.


Magento can use pagination when it comes to content list pages to break up comprehensive lists. This sites, however, can use the next tag (created by Google) to assist webmasters in indicating that they are using paginated websites. Using a hardly any-index to get around this problem and follow the meta robot statement for the next prev or rel.

IDs / Session

Session IDs are for registering access control. These pages are, nevertheless, notorious for creating problems with redundant content. So, if you have trouble with your IDs, consider using meta robot tags or activities and associated files to prevent indexing these pages.

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