These Are Some Tips To Secure E-commerce Payment Gateway in UAE

Payment gateways are one of any internet e-commerce store’s most significant characteristics. The primary motive behind any internet business’s achievement is how well clients convert. Now clients need to trust your shop to genuinely purchase anything from your site. Payment gateways can assist you to build that confidence. With everything online these days, you are left with no choice but to suit yourself a reliable and suitable option.

Now, what exactly is a Payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application available both web and mobile to process transactions via credit cards securely for business, online retailers, etc. A portal between websites and banks help you to transfer the dedicated amount at the right place and at the right time.

• A client visits the website and places an order at the checkout, his credit card information may need to be entered.
• The website then safely sends information about the purchase to the gateways of payment.
• The gateway to payment then sends information to the bank of the seller where his account is located.
• The bank of the merchant then contacts the bank of the buyer and exchanges the information of the purchase.
• If the data entered by the client is correct, then the bank will authorize the transactions and deposit the quantity from the customer’s account into the vendor account.
• Then the payment gateway returns the data to the website, which then informs the client if the purchase was effective.

Nowadays, as this the technological era and digitization have taken over, Web Design Dubai company, Mobile App Development Company Dubai has gained popularity and is now on it’s way to further development. The payment gateway is now a need for the clients to go towards a secure option.

Options at a glance:

After setting up a business successfully especially in the field of Dubai web design and mobile app development Dubai and in UAE, if you are selling outside you’ll be needing international popular gateways to properly conduct your transactions. The renowned gateways to assist you in your transactions are:

1. Payfort: is one of the payment gateways most commonly used in the UAE region. They have lately altered their plans for pricing. Now it offers only two start and enterprise pricing choices. The monthly fee for the starter package is 420 AED. The package is customized, depending on the size of your company. The customers will be having a choice of paying by cash or card.

2. Innovate Payments: They specialize in providing online payment solutions to clients in UAE, where their fee ranges from AED 1500-5000 and some additional charges depending on the account type respectively. It is a common and reliable cost-effective partner for you your business.

3. CashU: It provides free account development and has the lowest on the market maintenance charge of $1 per year. The quantity of transaction relies on the transaction fees per transaction. You can find a full list of all the fees here. It has also lately begun its virtual loan card service with MasterCard cooperation. UAE citizens with a registered account will be able to immediately build their Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card, making payments on MasterCard e-commerce portals.

4. CyberSource: It is part of the internationally renowned VISA company. They work and deliver various alternatives in more than 190 nations around the globe. CS also promotes digital techniques of payment like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as national digital wallets like Alipay and KCP.

5. Hyperpay: It is a payment gateway based in Saudi Arabia, but it also offers its service in the UAE. It has more than 100 partners to well-known credit card businesses from a broad variety of banks. It also makes integration with significant e-commerce platforms such as WordPress and Magento very simple. It provides one of the finest and most safe systems for fraud management


To wrap up, there are several options available for you, but you have to choose the one that is the best for you. As e-commerce websites and Android App Development Company are enhancing day by day in UAE and Dubai, the decision might be critical but plan well for the future to get your piece of the pie.

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