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Tips for An Effective Homepage Banner-Think Out of the Box!

Don’t worry about the point we’re going to make, but the homepage banner is one of the most critical marketing resources you can use and if used improperly it can damage the product and conversion levels. Nonetheless, it can benefit you immensely when it comes to converting your website users if used correctly.

Furthermore, when deciding on a new homepage banner layout, a Web Design Company in Saudi Arabia shall clarify what matters most.


Your Website Banner Design:

Your website banner is the main picture on your homepage which takes top billing. Web Design Dubai names it as a hero photo or billboard in web-speaking.

The gatekeeper of your website is your homepage banner, with a very important job. It needs to help the right visitors dive deeper into your website while weeding out those people who don’t find value in what you’re offering.

The following must be included in your website banner: 

  • An aesthetically pleasing model — it means if you can stop stock images. 
  • A succinct headline that clearly states what you’re doing— make your guests feel like they’ve come to the right location.
  • A famous call-to-action (CTA) — What are your guests going to do? This must represent the target.


Use a clear headline:

Your homepage banner will have a simple, succinct headline of what you are doing. Think of the need to keep your new visitors updated of just what your page is about and what your business is offering.ry use specific keywords. This includes using the keyword “logistic services” if you are providing logistics services. It becomes immediately clear.


What do you want your visitors to do?

Your website banner must also recognize your business ‘ target, which is expressed in the CTA. Here are some examples: 

  • You need people to place orders on your website if you’re in the eCommerce world. In that scenario, a winner will be included on your billboard with a “Shop Now” button.
  • If you’re in a B2B service industry, you certainly want people to know more about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it differently than anyone else.


Choose Effective images:

The photo chosen for the banner must represent your post, product or service in the strongest, most succinct way, bringing attention to what your page is about, just like your headline. Don’t worry about that. Put a photo of a new shoe when you sell shoes. Put a photo of happy animals as your homepage banner if you’re a pet care center.


It is important to pick the picture very carefully, taking into account the technical aspects such as resolution and length. Do not forget that the proportions of the banner will match the proportions of the image banner window on your homepage, so make sure that the photo is appropriately cropped.


Simplicity is the key:

Remember to have a counterbalance between the photo and the title, so that the business ‘ main message and the action you want your users to take can be conveyed to them without any complications or distractions. The goal with your banner should be to inform users about your company, communicate the main message and get those users into the sales funnel. Social Media Agency Dubai will help you attain simplicity.


How big your website banner should be?

Your banner length will decide what else you can bring over the fold. In other words, the larger the billboard, the less you can see on your homepage.the width of your banner photo can decide how much other material you can fit above the fold. The bigger it is, the less stuff you can show on the first fold to your site guests.


Homepage Banner Design Tips Keep in mind:

The following tips when designing your homepage banner: 

  • Use an appealing, authentic banner design that avoids space, fake photos.
  • Be straightforward, concise and straight to the point of your headline message.
  • Include a CTA that respects your goals and the needs of your visitors.
  • Size matters — particularly if you want to pull a product/services segment.
  • The same applies to technology-browsers, phones, etc., and the constantly changing actions of Internet users, so keep up with the latest trends. Be flexible.

Have all these steps been followed? Great! It’s good to go live with your homepage banner!


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