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Tips to Build a Mobile SEO Strategy Effectively

One of the most important events in the entire SEO Dubai industry is the smartphone disaster. On April 21st, Google began rolling out a ranking algorithm that would improve web-friendly sites in the results of Google’s mobile search.


Google announced officially that smartphone searches outdo desktop searches in the U.S., Japan, and other countries around the globe, Mobilegeddon was a must, nonmobile-friendly websites started losing rankings after the algorithm had rolled out, and mobile-friendly websites received the opposite effect.

A mobile website is in need to develop a mobile SEO strategy. But you need to review a few things to make sure your site passes the test by Mobile App Development Dubai.

  • Using Google’s cell-friendly testing tool: this is the very first thing you need to get through, the results are clear. Your app is compatible with your mobile phone or not. The answer is a simple yes/no.
  • While the tool will list your site’s most significant errors, it’s nothing if your users don’t get the best mobile experience when browsing your site in the real world.
  • Google can tell you if your site is friendly to the mobile, but only if you give them the resources they need to decide. 
  • Enable search engines to grasp your website’s layout by allowing them to crawl your JavaScript and CSS files.

The web needs to know where you are:

In real life, they won’t know about you if your clients don’t know where your company is. It’s the same online, if the site doesn’t know your location, search engines won’t even know you’re there.

Results based on location display searches with a commercial motive made from a mobile device. Just think about how many times you’ve been looking for pizza. Before an informative article comes up, many companies appear on the results page way.

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The near your shop is to the searcher, the greater the chance that your place will stop for that customer. If you are a company in the service area and your client is in the area you serve, there is a good chance. 

Get in the map:

  • Using geotags in your metadata and site content.
  • Your business name, address, and phone number say social media, news listings, websites, etc., must be consistent across the internet.
  • Add your username to Google My Company and the places you cover.

Check the mobile-friendly website:

A mobile device quest is not the same as a desktop search. Normally, mobile users search instead of searching and browsing through different options to complete an action.

Think of this when you put elements of the material. Before they land on your site, your users need to know what you want them to do.

· Highlight CTA:

Place a button at the top of your landing page to make a reservation or book a cab today if you want your users to book one of your taxi cabs. Although mobile users appear to scroll more, this does not mean that if below the fold, your web page’s most important elements will be seen.

·  Make numbers clickable:

If you don’t want to be contacted by phone, every single mention of your phone number has to be a click-to-call link. What’s the reason? It’s fast. -tap on a clickable phone number opens an application to call that number, making contact with you easy for users.

Mobile App Development Jeddah creates easy formats for your mobile app.

Make sure your website wins:

Some bugs can occur from time to time with the addition of new content, website maintenance, and new changes.

Using Google Search Console to find and address new mobile usability problems. It will tell you whether this new page has the correct font size or whether the design of these new buttons is thumb-friendly and more. 

Note the terms and conditions they use to browse the site. You might be surprised when performing edits or moving things around how much insight this will give you.


Note, Google’s search results are not necessarily adequate to have a mobile-friendly tag. Mobile-friendliness, when on a mobile device, is not just about the appearance of the app, but also about the user experience. 

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