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Tips to Make Sure the Structure of Your Website is Perfect

Designing and developing a website that scores high on the atheistic front without sacrificing the structural stability of the website is not rocket science.

Some web designers don’t think at the cost of breaking the website’s navigation on certain devices twice going to the extreme. For example, if most of your visitors come from the Safari browser, you need to make sure your website gets loaded onto those devices quickly and accurately. Integrate these 7 tips provided by a Web Design Company Dubai to attain a cohesive and perfect website structure.


#1: Typography:

Typography is the web design’s most important part. You must, therefore, be very careful that the web site’s typography is clean and clear. Here are some ideas to get your website typography right: 

  • Use standard-size fonts. Small fonts can look good, but people will find it hard to read your website’s content on mobile devices. By changing the font size based on the screen size, you can easily fix the problem,
  • The contrast between the texts and the background color should be appropriate. You have to make sure the color of the text is calming. Using the texts with fluorescent colors is a big no.
  • It’s going to be great if you don’t use any effect against the text because it would make the texts look awkward and out of place.


#2: Structure:

Before you start designing the website, you must have a proper plan in advance. There are several programs out there that can help you plan the website’s structure. Website Design in Saudi Arabia gives some popular tools to sketch your website’s plan. The plan should set out the website’s clear hierarchical structure. It may include problems such as URL layout, navigation, etc. There are a few items you need to be aware of when you build the website’s structure.


#3: Color Scheme:

Another crucial aspect of the website’s color scheme is not to be overlooked at any cost. If your website logo has already been developed, you need to make sure that your website’s color scheme complements the logo. Check out 8 Latest layout trends for a lively website.

The rule of thumb is to use a website with no more than four colors. Using too many colors will confuse the readers and you will struggle to create your website’s brand image. Until finalizing the website’s color scheme, you need to have a clear idea of your target audience’s choice.


#4: Multi-Browser Friendly:

Because people use different devices to visit the website, we need to make sure we build a mobile-friendly website. Many web designers suggest the creation of a separate website to target mobile devices, but there is no need to create another website to target mobile users because by making it responsive, we can make the website mobile-friendly.

Since search engines incorporate mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, it has become mandatory so Mobile App Development Company Dubai makes your websites mobile friendly and that’s why you need to make sure that the website’s structure can be easily tweaked to give it a mobile-friendly look and feel.


#5: Functions:

You will ensure that all of the website’s functions work smoothly. If you don’t have enough time to check the website’s various functions, you’d need to recruit a professional for the same work. Both website links and all features such as–Contact Form, Subscription Form, Search Function, etc. should be checked numerous times to ensure that they work otherwise the visitors will start to feel annoyed about your website.


#6: Navigation:

It must be as simple and straightforward as possible to navigate the website. It would be perfect if you were not trying to mess with the website’s navigation model and layout. Vertical navigation may look cool, but as people are more comfortable with Top Horizontal Navigation, you should stick to standard horizontal navigation for your site.


#7: Readability:

Website readability should not be jeopardized at any cost. You need to make sure you don’t add too many elements to the interface as this could harm the website’s readability.

Using simple font and space between paragraphs and other design elements should be sufficient to allow people to easily concentrate on different elements.


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