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Top 5 Prototyping Tools for Mobile App Great UX Design

Digital prototyping methods have won the mindshare of developers when it comes to UX development for phones. Mobile app prototyping tools not only bring their ideas to life but also help early validation through faster iteration and improved prototyping.

Mobile App Development in Muscat discussed how prototyping, involving ideation and validation, is integral to the design thinking process and allows designers to test the best of their ideas.

Now, with several prototype tools available for mobile apps, the question arises as to which is the best fit. However, while one may choose based on their expertise, it is worth mentioning some notable ones that have emerged in recent times.


Prototyping tools:

 1)     InVision:

InVision is a robust prototyping application that helps in the user interface design process. It can create live prototypes from static images as well as wireframes that can be transformed into the app prototype when coupled with the software’s functional features. It supports changes such as pressing buttons and building design according to the system interface, etc.

A distinctive feature is its user-friendly and quick interface, which is a big advantage. It also offers other features that allow designers to speed up the project validation process, thereby improving productivity. 

  • For greater efficiency, it enables fast and rapid integration with other design tools. 
  • It supports cross-platform development experience. 
  • It allows for easy project status control and setting. 
  • It offers mood boards, brand boards, galleries and style guides to be created and presented.
  • It allows you to save the version history of designs that can be referenced and compared when needed.


Marvel: Marvel is both a mobile and web-based prototyping platform that, due to its simple prototyping method, can support both inexperienced and experienced designers. With its compatibility with Photoshop and Sketch, screens can be conveniently imported.

  • It helps you to access your image files quickly even through third-party sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Sketch. 
  • You can edit images such as changing the background color, resizing images, etc. 
  • This ensures that the design mockup for a specific device is fully optimized. 
  • Users can also benefit from blogs, tutorials, FAQs and videos.


  • UX Pin:

UXPin is not only an interactive method for prototyping but an end-to-end platform for design. This is a code-based development platform that satisfies all UX specifications by integrating design and engineering, resulting not only in superior user experience but also in faster product design.

  • You can use the drag feature to drag elements into your project, create a prototype and match it. 
  • UXPin allows you to create a fully functional prototype from your static wireframe by adding interactions, links and connecting all parts. Social Media Agency Dubai will help you.
  • Its components allow you to create an element that you can reuse when and when necessary.

All-in-all, UXPin is one of the most preferred software by an App Development Company in Kuwait with its features such as built-in UI libraries, progressive interfaces and advanced animations, CSS styling, among others.

4)     Axure RP:

Axure RP is an immersive experimental wireframing and development tool. It allows the development of simple wireframes, from low to mid-fidelity. Here, while keeping the rest the same, users can make portions of a screen interactive. It also allows users to mask or view the information in compliance with previous interactions. Besides, the model may also remember the choices taken by the users.

This supports various types of interactions such as condition interaction complex interaction, and gesture interaction.users can test prototypes on their mobile devices using Axure Share. An easy-to-use app that incorporates models, diagrams, and requirements.


5)     CanvasFlip:

Known to support 4x faster prototyping compared to other devices, the remarkable features of CanvasFlip include timers displaying splash screens, setting headers and footers, displaying messages layers, pop-ups, and more. Both inexperienced and experienced designers stand to benefit from this easy-to-use tool.

  • Remote user testing and quick prototyping of software. 
  • Users can directly synchronize their sketch artboards with CanvasFlip. 
  • This allows you to view in your prototype the heat map of all the screens.

The way forward!

Because prototyping a mobile app enables designers to share the screen design wireframe in real-time, ensuring experimentation, feedback, testing, and approvals are on schedule.


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