Top Actionable Ways to optimize mCommerce with Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Top Actionable Ways to optimize mCommerce with Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Undeniably, Google is one of the most active and biggest giants when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. In their most recently published I/O, they most probably demonstrated how to ace down a tuning test.
If such kind of moot evolutions and disruptive materials in Artificial Intelligence are not the steps to enhance the mobile experiences then I really do not know what is. There is a constant change in consumer lifestyles and preferences towards the mobile phone devices, this is why, and all web applications are following the mobile first approach. Consumer behavior has now changed in a way that now more time and energy is invested into mobile phones as compared to the desktops or televisions.
Meanwhile the mCommerce is the major element to success Ecommerce retailers, indulging it with Artificial Intelligence can make mCommerce stores capable of.

    • Automated Reasoning.
    • Customer Behavior Pattern Analysis
    • Personalized Recommendations

With many developers around the world going neck to neck with the Artificial Intelligence, there are plenty of effective AL solutions that are already available in the web. Our aim is to shed light upon the top actionable ways how traders can optimize their mCommerce experiences using the Artificial Intelligence this year along with some relevant solutions, which can be implemented without investing a lot of developing time.


Product Recommendations

Product Cross Selling and Upselling has been one of the most efficient and traditional ways to engage a buyer just before he presses that Add to cart or checkout and makes the purchase. All the self-learning AL solutions can enhance all this process by automatically analyzing all the customer behavior, footprint and the preferences, providing with some more product recommendations. Our top picks for this cause is Sentient Aware and Granify.
When both of these services are being API based solutions, these can be hooked up with any off the custom or shelf Ecommerce tools used by the traders.

Personalized Push Notifications

Push notifications always play an eminent part in connecting all the dots within a buyer’s journey, till the time he explores products to the time he presses Add to cart. AI can always identify a customer preference and use them as push notifications to target the particular prospects with personalized alerts in order to re-engage existing customers and the prospects. For this purpose we recommend you to use the OctaneAI, when the user is tracking down the website, he will receive relevant notifications.

Virtual Assistants

Now, we know that you are thinking about Siri, Alexa and Google assistant at the moment and it may be right because of how far they have come in having some real fluent but also result oriented and real conversations with the users. All such assistants can do wonders in increasing the conversion rates for any Ecommerce store due to the ease and use they can easily provide the users with.
Imagine opening a webstore on your mobile phone and on your browser or app and asking assistant to make the order for you.

Customer Support

Customer Support is the standing pillar for any business and if it has more than one support channel available for the customers it is no longer a good thing to have. However, if your business is having multiple support channels, it does not need to mean investing in some support staff to be there on those channels 24/7.
It is true that there is no comparison to the human support, but when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, it is quite true to give actionable solutions to all the customers automatically. This would amazingly decrease the workload of support managers and they would only be required to work for selected cases.

Social Media Chat bots

Next in line after the customer support is the social media chat bots, well, isn’t it the millennials spent most of their time at?
All the social media channels like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram provides the capability for users to setup chat bots which can interact with the users’ right within the same platform.

Voice Search

When it comes to Ecommerce store, searching is one of the most important artificial intelligence element. This is especially correct when your shop is offering around hundreds of products under nested categories. Now when the traditional text based search has now been reverted thousands of times, it is finally time for Artificial Intelligence’s Voice Search to take things in its hands.

Image Search

To improve the ease of use of mCommerce experiments, the search is for images. Every other smartphone at any time includes a camera powerful enough to take accurate pictures. With the artificial intelligence algorithm based on artificial intelligence capable of interpreting visual information, it’s time to use these mobile cameras for more than taking photos of Sylvie. When searching with Image-A, users can search for products that are in real life with ease. It greatly affects the unconscious minds of customers and potential customers to help increase customer participation and customer retention.

AR and AI product visualizers

Last but not least, on our list, the strength increase associated with artificial intelligence is used. Do you remember how Pokémon GO can revolutionize the way you really do it through smartphones?
Our mobile phones are now compatible with a variety of sensors that include gyroscope, accelerometer and compass to track any movement of mobile devices. It can be used with a camera to configure interactive AR tools for applications. Several industry leaders now use Augmented Reality programs. This includes: LensKart, Ikea, Tap Painter and Sephora. One of the most attractive AI + AR applications that we sometimes see in Deloitte is its digital identity.


Of course, mobile devices in front devices handle with ease of use as USP. With the advancement in artificial intelligence capabilities and great data management, there will be no physical limitations beyond a certain point in time. All that can be done to maintain their owners is to find new ways to provide a personal and effective user experience that plays the most important role in improving the conversion rate of an electronic store.

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