Top Ingredients You Need to Design the Best SEO WordPress Theme

A website is a company’s face. And what draws a big audience–exposure, quality, promotion or content–to your site? The web page quality is the most significant consideration. Now, where does a site come from? A website structure is accountable for a theme. And how does it expose the audience? Yes, you are right.

So, take a step forward at an early point of web development by getting the finest SEO Word Press theme. Through a smooth code and a better structure, it will offer the website a significantly quick load velocity. Choosing the best SEO Word Press theme with SEO Company Dubai will keep a place of confidence in the internet industry for you.

Tips for Friendly SEO:


A theme should have some of the significant characteristics to be regarded as an SEO friendly theme, as described below:

  • It should have a semantic markup clean code. Your website theme should not contain unnecessary code.
  • It should have the right order of content.
  • It should have navigation including navigation through breadcrumb.
  • An “All In One” syndrome should be shown to monitor and incorporate the custom writing panel, meta tags in your theme.

How to create an SEO friendly Theme?


While selecting a friendly SEO theme, some characteristics should be taken care of. These are the following characteristics:

1)     Responsiveness:


Make sure you are sensitive to the Word Press theme. It can rearrange page components to allow tourists to see your content on smaller screen devices better usability. Tablets and smartphones, for example. It demonstrates an adverse effect on Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) from the SEO view, if not responsive. Web Design Dubai will help you in this cause.

2)     Absence of Homepage Sliders:


Homepage sliders are a component of fresh developments in web design. These are bad, however, not only for conversions but also for SEO usability. The primary slider-related SEO problems are the use of various H1 headings per page and low page velocity due to resource use. The rise in load times lowers the rankings of the search engine.

3)     Uploading Speed:


Search engine favors quick sites, i.e. site load time plays a major part in the site ranking of Google. Use optimized CSS files and comparatively small media files should be assured. Make use of faster server response time hosting and a fast upload speed theme. Digital Marketers Dubai will promote you to a great extent.

4)     SEO Plugins:


Although you already work with an SEO-friendly theme, plugins will still serve as useful instruments for your website. Many SEO plugins are available, such as Yoast SEO, WP-Optimize, WP Smush, W3 Total Cache, etc. These plugins perform different functions, such as increasing upload speed, generating a sitemap, optimizing the database, reducing the size of the image file, etc. Social Media Marketing Company Dubai will make you ultimately popular.

Word press-friendly SEO Theme:


An SEO-friendly theme is one that is willing to best work with search engines. To ensure that it can rank high in search engines, this should go through unique testing and coding. So it’s a large deal to discover the best WordPress theme for SEO.  Web Design Riyadh highlights these points:

  • Homepage: Your homepage should be given priority as all tourists will see it first, including search engine bots. You will, therefore, use particular heading tags to serve a particular purpose.
  • Posts: Most of the Word Press theme is not following the laws of the heading. However, this is essential to synchronize the headings in messages & websites with the home page.
  • SEO friendly images: Optimize your pictures for quick loading speeds and high quality.
  • Favicon: You can add favicons without touching the templates to insert custom codes. In these favicons, as you can associate hooks that will trigger at a given time.
  • Add Logo: On the login administrator page, you can attach a logo. It will perform all the tasks connected to it in the head component of the log-in page



A promotional approach for 24X7 is an SEO-friendly theme. It will always be up to offer quick charging velocity to your site, hence a commitment to better SEO ranking. 


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