Top Instagram Apps to Give Your Social Media Engagement an Incredible Boost

Top Instagram Apps to Give Your Social Media Engagement an Incredible Boost

More than 5 million businesses around the world uses Instagram as their most effective social media marketing platform, in order to promote their brand stories. In a world full of competition, your brand must do something unique each day, in order to stand out. Fortunately, there are multiple Instagram applications, which will improve your Instagram marketing strategies and assist you in getting better engagement. To better, save your time and energy, we have listed down some of the top and best Instagram apps to simply help you out.


Have2Have.It is an incredible app, which eliminates the gap between brands and buyers upon Instagram. This app simply allows the brands on Instagram to schedule create and post multiple images and videos along with linking them with their product or service. This app allows the audience member to simply discover more services and products, gain more followers, directly towards your e-commerce business website, and guide customers to make their purchase decision, easier. This mobile application is free for all iPhone users, and you can download Have2Have.It as a whirl, from their website as well.


Layout is one of the most interesting app that allows you to create collages by combining your very own photos. This app provides users with something engaging and creative control; you can see your photos in a different light and in a combination of your own photos. This incredible app offers you to indulge nine photos altogether to create a collage, which you may post upon Instagram. If I disclose the secret with you, this app is the best choice for the brands, looking to highlight their best user generated content (UGC). You can show the behind the scene images of your staff, a bit of sneak peek into workplace, upcoming offers and products. It is free for both Android and IOS users.


Boomerang is no doubt, one of the most popular and amazing app of Instagram. It allows you create interactive and engaging content just with a few clicks. Okay, so what happens is, this app shoots a bunch of 10 photos and creates a short mini video out of it that loops back and forth in a GIF. Boomerang provides all the digital marketers with an amazing opportunity to create something interesting for their users and delight them with a fun visual, which is entirely different from the regular Instagram photos. You can either simply download the Boomerang app, or take one take from the Instagram story section only. It is free for Android and IOS users.

Hoot Suite Enhance

Hoot suite enhance is a perplexing app, which allows all-in-one photo editing solution for your brand or personal account to get more engagement, search for better valuable content and increase your brand identity. Aesthetically editing your Instagram photos can increase the no. of views on them dramatically, along with increasing the likes and shares by 21% and increase the overall engagement 45%.

This app is quite easy to use and makes it easier for users to edit with filters, borders, stickers and overlays, it even crops the image for any social media channel specifically, search images from the downloaded images database and share them onto the social media platform of your choice. It is free alongside their site, as well as for app users.


Okay, here is where I am about to disclose the secret, Instagram is all about the perfect captions. If you know how to pinch the right caption with the image, you have this! A captivating caption can seriously generate emotional reactions towards your content. Capitona is an app made by Instagram, in order to help its users to come up with unique, interesting and funny captions that match with the images to engage the audience. All you have to do is simply add up a related keyword and the app will provide you a list of all related sayings, quotations and catchphrases. You can choose the caption of your choice, relating it with the image easily.


If you are a photographer lover, you must be aware with how challenging it can be to take panoramic shots; however, it is fun to do so. Swipe-able is an app manufactured by Instagram for its users and allows you to share and capture panoramic image with 36-degree view on the platform. This app has a carousel function that can automatically distribute your panoramas into small square pieces, so they can be easily viewed as a single image and show a tour of your new workplace, or a beach to the picnic. This is free for all IOS users. This app is extremely helpful for those brands that are trying to catch a bigger image or maybe a lot of people in a single image.

Hyper lapse

This app allows you to simply shoot time-lapsed video to share with your audience and followers. In this age of digital world, you can now capture non-shaky videos, which was very impossible in the age without tripod. In addition, you can also replay your videos for up to 40 times faster than their actual time speed. Digital marketers and brands can now use Hyper lapse app to post interesting insights of your brand with fast videos, share some case studies for the products or services, which your brand is offering, surprise and impress your customers with unique ways that they can use for their product or service.

When to Post

When to Post be another incredible app by Instagram, which allows the brand and businesses to post content and images when there users will be most active. The app helps you in creating a map, telling you about the time your Instagram users will be most active and available. It furnishes a countdown for your next Instagram post. In addition, it also provides you with a graph top times of the week for when to post. It is free for both Android and IOS users.

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