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Top Logo Design Mistakes You Must Never Commit

Undoubtedly, a logo design is one of the most essential characteristic of any brand to portray what a brand really does, their services, features, personality and a lot more! If I tell you the truth, create a logo in a way that it highlights the entire story and services of a brand, effectively and instantly. Although, designing a unique logo for your business is tough, even the best logo design experts and big brands fail at it. At times, maybe the logo is excessively casual or it is extremely complicated that there is no chance of understanding it in first go. When Gap maintained their first logo, they realized that they made a mistake, which they updated in 2010. Yahoo also faced some challenging issues regarding their logo and rebranding non-stop efforts.

However, there is no instant formula or magic portion for creating an exceptional logo, all it requires is an artistic mind with some understanding of design tools. The entire process of logo design involves, conveying your company’s message using symbols, graphics and colors. No matter what, your brand logo must always give a new and unique look with its originality.

In order to create something extraordinary, here are some top logo design mistakes you must NEVER commit at any cost; otherwise, it might put your brand or business to risk. Although, many brands make these mistakes while designing their brand logo:

Selecting an unprofessional Logo Designer

So here is the deal, a professional business must always look professional. Most of the startup companies hire unexperienced or unprofessional logo designer in order to save money! Always remember, an amateur designer is equals to Business disaster. It might cost you less but it will bring plenty of consequences along with it. Thus, hire a professional for a better-looking and unique design.

Blindly Trusting Logo Design Trends

The worst thing you can do, as a business owner is to become a trend follower, DO NOT! Trends are something, which comes, and go instantly and immediately. Following a logo design might turn your business identity into a disaster. Remember, you are creating a logo to portray your brand story not to be among the trends.

Using Irrelevant and Low Quality Images

While designing a logo, it is excessively important to use high-quality superior images. If you are using irrelevant and low quality images, it can create some massive disaster and trouble for your brand. Try using Adobe Illustrator and other Vector Graphics Software that is the key to make sure visual consistency across multiple sizes.

Using Highly Complexed Design

Whenever you are designing a logo, highly complexed design logo do not go perfectly when it is printed in smaller. A logo design must always stay away from complicated and complex designs and make it memorable by keeping it simple.

Relying completely upon Colors

Whenever you are designing a logo, the worst thing you can do is, relying completely upon colors. The focus on any logo must be on its design; it must look great in black and white as it does with colors. If you use colors to portray the brand identity, the logo will appear differently in black and white, make sure that your logo does not lose its identity.

These were some top logo mistakes you should avoid while designing one!

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