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Top Most 8 Reasons for App Failure and How to Evade Them

Every year, millions of applications are produced, and less than 1% of them are said to be successful. The device failure definition is beyond and above a bug or malfunction that can be changed. Also, there are common collections of issues that most likely cause an application to fail. Being aware of these issues will not necessarily prevent your app from failing. App Development Company Dubai will help you to wisely proceed and look for the signs of things that might take a nasty turn.


8 reasons for app failure:


Reason 1: Lack of research:

There are different areas of application development that can lead to a major failure if poorly researched. The first thing that every app developer has to do is the best testing. For example, there are a few questions that every developer should consider: Is there a demand for my app or not?

  • Can this app solve the problems of customers?
  • Who’s my rival?
  • Are there no similar functionality apps?
  • Are your customers involved in using it or not?

Explore the market via MVP and find customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Try to use iterative development as it is intended to prevent market failures.


Reason 2: Lack of Marketing Strategies:

It is very important to follow a proper marketing strategy as it allows your audience to be aware of your product. How are people going to know about your brand before you market your app? The innovative features you provide in your mobile app will attract your marketing strategies.


Today, we all know about social media marketing and their available resources like Facebook, email, twitter, etc. Through these tools, you will build a well-designed and appealing marketing strategy to support your mobile app. Another reason for app failures is the lack of effective marketing strategies.


Reason 3: App inflation:

Mobile marketers today are struck by the deflation of the mobile, which is the price of gaining customers. App marketers will soon need more creative ways to attract customers. Besides, optimized app marketing and improved rough targeting can support these efforts.

With enticing applications, increasing demand for smartphones can lead to inflation. It is important to have sound knowledge of the economy as a whole to keep you out of this deflation.


Reason 4: Similar Applications:

The sad truth is that there are multiple apps in every app category on the social media market that is close to each other. Most users download and use some of these devices, and some of them remain unnoticed.

It is important to check your competitors to ensure the success of your app. You can easily determine their strengths and weakness by doing this. Mobile App Development in Riyadh will also help you create a unique value recommendation that will boost downloads and sales of your product.


Reason 5: Poor User Interface:

Today, most apps are rejected by users due to poor user experience that ultimately leads to their failure. If the users are unsatisfied with an app’s results, they can uninstall it in no time. When users can not perform basic functions easily, then selling their software will be very difficult for developers. Here are several reasons why an app can give poor user interface, such as: 

  • App performance problems 
  • The software does not suit the system screen 
  • Poor UI layout 
  • Non-standard GUI controls
  • Difficult features


Reason 6: Ignoring Platform Differences:

Your mobile app should be successful in pleasing both iOS and Android lovers, which is a challenging task. If you want to start with the apple app store, then your software will work perfectly for both iPads and iPhones. Social Media Company Dubai works very hard to make the app work smoothly across devices with different screens because your customers expect you to satisfy them anyway.


Reason 7: Full of errors:

If you start to get negative reviews from your potential customers, the chances of getting new users will be through. While a 100 percent bug-free app can not be released, app developers must make fixing bugs their top priority.


How to avoid these failures?

  • DO research
  • Test thoroughly
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Performance


Wrapping up!

Apps should be checked for full user experience while deployed at different intervals.


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