Top Reasons your Business Needs to be Using Facebook Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Top Reasons your Business Needs to be Using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories

These days one of the top social media marketing trends now include businesses to become a part of stories on social media channels. We totally love the idea of utilizing this tool, but most of the brands nowadays, start jumping onto this tool without much strategy or planning. It is important to plan ahead of time and know that each step of your strategy is secure and consistent. We are about to provide with some pointers for businesses to understand and explore.

The Correct Use of Stories for your Business

Stories are not really some entirely new feature on social media, Snapchat has been owning this tool for quite few time now. However, the hype really started just now. But, not many businesses have tried out this tool for business purposes. Here are the top stories why stories needs to be a part of your success story.

Customized Approach:

Any of the followers that check your story on daily basis much be your real fans and customers, so it is completely fine when you think about personalizing some information and become a bit creative. There are times when the customers want to see the behind the scenes and sneak peeks, your fun side, the personal little moments of your workers, so that they feel more connected with your brand.

Spreading Brand Awareness:

When your business uses Snapchat and Facebook stories it gives more opportunities and rise to engagements and your brand always remains at top of your customer’s mind. (Really, as your brand is already popping at the top of the page). Moreover, you can always increase your reach by using geotags and hashtags into your stories, which makes it easier for other brands to find you up, even if they are not following you on social media platforms.


Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, all of them remains in the feed for 24 hours after they has been posted, so users do have to check back each day to see any of the new updates. That is why it is always amazing to publish one-day offers for Instagram story marketing, so people might know they have to come up for more amazing updates.

Best Practices for Stories on Social Media Platform

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook stories for businesses are meant to be just like what they see – a great story. Many of the organizations post stories that does not have a purpose behind them, but the successful stories, which are created for encouragement of action are a compilation of images or videos that have a captivating storyline. It must also include some fun narrative so that people remain interested throughout the story so it decreases the chance of users dropping out. One of the most effective way in order to create a compelling story for your brand, put together a storyline in advance that lays out the entire strategy and the types of videos and pictures you’ll need. Along with creating a story ahead of time, it is also important to make sure the story remains creative and fun for your business.
The biggest mistake that can occur in Facebook stories is that forgetting implies a call to action at the end. Try to see your Instagram story about Snapchat’s marketing and business efforts and it seems that it’s not crowded. It is important to use labels, emoji’s, labels and site tags when using the story theme, but it should be used with care. Another important thing to consider whenever you are posting some videos on your story in to always include captions, most people usually do not have their volume turned up or they do not know this story might contain volume, so try to give them an idea about what are you trying to say.
Promoting brand through the means of stories on these social media platforms will surely make your Snapchat and Instagram marketing more prominent among users you may easily target and produce some optimum results. Instagram and Facebook stories can be created the exact same way you would produce different ads on any other platforms via the Business Manager platform – just make sure you specify on which social media outlet you really want your message to appear. Snapchat marketing just owns advertising space where all the businesses can specify which type of promotion is right for your business.

Instagram Story Marketing

According to the reports of Statistica, Instagram has around 200 million daily active users and around 813 million monthly users. With the help of discovery feature on this platform, it makes it quite easier for social media users to find some new ideas and brands, which simply means your business could actually increase your reach to some users who do not follow them through Instagram story marketing.
Instagram can be a terrible platform for business: your creativity is often challenged for full technical participation. Fortunately, social users do not have the same expectations for the corner or the overall brightness of the company’s Instagram story. As mentioned above, it should be programmed with attractive content, but it should be considered in general and a little.

Facebook Stories for Businesses

We understand that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform for Iowa users, but due to the Facebook’s latest algorithm update makes it more difficult for brands to organically appear in the newsfeed, advertisers were somehow moving away from the entire platform. Since then, Facebook has totally indulged stories into their entire platform, which might be the next best option for brands to reach in front of your followers.

Snapchat Marketing

According to Hootsuite updates, there are around 173 million active users who watch around 10 billion videos every day on Snapchat. With such a large audience, choosing some of the Snapchat marketing options could be one of the great benefit for your overall business. That is something to keep in mind when deciding if Snapchat stories are for your brand or not, HubSpot suggests that 70% of consistent Snapchat users are female.

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