Top SEO Mistakes you are Probably Making and How to Fix Them

Top SEO Mistakes you are Probably Making and How to Fix Them

Google has been playing with its algorithm for almost 600 times a year, it is quite hard to be 100% sure that you are using the top and the latest SEO practices for the optimization of your site.

Neglecting the Technical SEO

Doing people on your site is the first step. The second, equally important, is to ensure that the site is completely finished and provides an excellent experience. This site should be easy to use and allow users to easily search with the least number of clicks possible. Pages should be downloaded quickly (most web users expect to download the site in 2 seconds or less, each delay will reduce customer satisfaction by 16%) and the site should work without any malfunction, error or broken link.

Not Using the Meta Tags

The Meta tag of the page (or the title tag) does not actually appear on the page in general, but it appears as a page title in the search results and in the browser bar when the visitor is actually on the page, as well make sure that it is descriptive, accurate and rich in keywords.

Publishing Low-Quality Content

Think again if you think that the content has nothing to do with SEO. Google uses the content of your site, both your blog posts and your web pages, to determine how much your site benefits visitors and their type of experience. These two elements are very important for your search ranking, so sending irrelevant content and incorrect content on your website is generally poor. To improve search engine optimization, make sure your site has a variety of valuable content.

Going Overboard on Keywords

When Google crawls a site, it uses directories to determine the theme of the page, so it is not necessary to increase the page load by using specific keywords. While it’s true that there are some keywords or phrases on your site that address the exact terms you’re looking for, do not use keywords, and if you do not use the content naturally on content sites, it’s better to go for a game.

Not Optimizing for Voice Search

According to Google, one in five searches comes from voice queries, and comScore predicts that by 2020, half of searches will be conducted by voice. If your site is not optimized for voice search, these researchers may not find it. Unlike traditional searches, which use keywords or keyword phrases to search, voice searches are usually searched in complete sentences and formulated in a natural dialogue style. Find the types of sentences people can use when searching for your company and products and use longer keyword phrases in the content of your website. Make sure your company appears in voice searches on mobile devices by optimizing your website for Siri and other virtual assistants.

Exclude keywords without a Brand

Of course, you want people looking for the name of your company or product to search your site, but do not forget to follow a more general term or even a similar product. Make sure your site is optimized for both general terms and brand terms.
The design of the code is the way to create and define information on your website. Search engines use sketch codes to better understand the content of the site, so that they can provide more accurate and accurate results for users. Encryption is similar to invisible users and can be added to the common HTML code used on your website; you just need to learn the design vocabulary.

Forgetting About the Outbound Links

Links are very important and, often, SEOs invest a lot of time and effort trying to get traffic from the link to the site. Backlinks has quality outbound links such as # 31 out of 200 Google ranking variables. Make sure your links are configured to open in a separate tab, so open your website if readers want to return to your site.

Doing a Website redesign or migration without updating SEO

Transferring your site to HTTPS or modifying domains or updating them with new features and design features are stronger than brilliant ways to keep current time and improve the user experience, but do not let SEO get lost with all the excitement. . Regardless of search engine optimization, sites that are re-launched or migrated can lead to an abrupt decrease in search rankings because the pages may have deleted or transferred visitors and lost 404 people. They gave if you design or migrate your website or go to HTTPS, make sure that SEO is part of the process.

Overlooking the Internal Links

Internal links (links that go to other pages on the same website) are often overlooked to improve SEO. Internal links not only help visitors gain valuable information and logically browse the web, they also help determine the structure of the site and search engines for relevant content, help improve search results and increase the power of your site. . Choose the most common pages and enter the links on those pages with other relevant content to publish the beer link on your site. Be sure to use rich text links.

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