Top Social Media Content Ideas that Will Perk Up Your Marketing Efforts

Top Social Media Content Ideas that Will Perk Up Your Marketing Effort

Being a social media manager, can be quite a hassle at times, as you always need to bring up new, exciting and amazing ideas to be ahead and stay top of the game. However, it is also super fun to be creative and bring up something interesting every time you make the new post.

  • But, isn’t it hard to think a lot?
  • As a social media manager, you sure have asked yourself these questions.
  • What type of posts or content should I post on my social media accounts?
  • How can I bring more engagement to the page?
  • How can I make even my simple posts more creative?

If yes, then this blog is the perfect place for you to be, as we have shared some creative and effective strategies to share on social media platforms to bring engagement and enhance the brand management and credibility. Here are few of those, get into them and find out what works best for you!

Convert your Blogpost into a Video

It is true and observed that videos gets more engagement than images, content and links. And to get ideas for videos, jump onto your old but famous published blogposts.
Try to catch ideas from the blogposts, turn it into a video content with images and slides and post it on multiple social media platforms. You can use different software to edit videos.

Try posting 360 Videos and Photos

If you are finally ready to try out new things, try posting 360 videos and images for Facebook. In order to capture a 360 image or record a 360 video, you have to take picture wider than 100 degrees while using the paranoia feature upon your smartphone and Facebook will automatically convert it in a 360 photo.
If you are looking to record a 360 video, you may try the Giroptic IO Camera or record your Facebook or YouTube live.
Capture a 360 photo for any of your next content or just do the Facebook live to get and catch more engagement.

Share an Informative Infographic

The studies suggest that the infographics are seen and shared up to 3 times more any other type of content.
Just like videos and images have higher social media engagement, infographics also hold popularity in this regard since the past few years, due to their interesting informative nature.
You can turn some interesting information or your famous blogs into infographics to share with your followers. There are many tools available to create Infographics.

Do a Weekly Poll

Creating a poll is another amazing way to increase engagement on your social media accounts. Poll will capture your audience’s interest and they are helpful to learn about customer’s interest and give away your products for free.

Use Quotations for Posts

Using a relevant quote for your blogpost is a great way to summarize the whole idea of your content. Any quote that relates to the main idea can do the work. Instead of sharing the title of the post, use a quote instead to make it catchy enough to build interest for the entire blogpost.

Held a Contest among Followers

You can create interest among your followers and bring engagement, by starting a fun contest and offering something as a prize or gift when they win it.
You may ask your fan base to comment, tag friends, share a post, use branded hashtags or post product photos. This should a free incentive, branded t-shirt, gift voucher, mugs or anything they might get interest into.

Ask Questions on Social Platform

People always love to help others, especially when it comes to brands they are aware of and love the most. Often ask your followers about ratings, feedbacks, suggestions, random ideas etc. on which youre team is already working upon.

Interview someone on your Accounts

You can always add a little fun to the video by interviewing someone. You can also do it live to add more fun into it. You can use BeLive that allows more than one person to do the livestream at a time. There are many tools from where you can edit the video like iMovie, Windows maker etc. and edit videos conveniently.
If the live streaming scares you, simply record the video with some industry record, customer, colleague, and make it directly to be uploaded on Facebook.

Use GIFs for Engagement

Gifs are the new trend and the new way to create engagement upon your page. Instead of just sharing a regular image on your account, try using a funny and relevant GIF alongside your blogpost.
Gifs now play an important role to catch up the viewer’s attention. You can add a relevant GIF to your blogpost to make the social post more interesting and compelling for people. Tweets and blogposts are much effective than random postings. They get more shares, likes and comments.

Try using the Lists

If your blogpost holds a step by step guide, list of useful tips and some ideas, you may extract the whole main point and use it further on in your captions.
This way your fans can easily understand and learn all the important points from your posts without actually reading the whole blogposts.

Use Relevant Emoji

A fun and interesting way to connect and engage with your followers is to use symbols, emoticons, smileys in your social media posts to make them look more appealing and interesting.

Share Fun Tweets of your Fans

Here is the last but another interesting way to create engagement, you can retweet the tweets of your fans about your brand or any of your product and share it on your multiple social media channels. It is the best way to show apprehension and gratitude for your followers and makes them feel noticed!


Are you a social media manager and often wonder about creating creative content to get more engagement? We did the homework for you! Try out some of the amazing ideas mentioned above to get more engagement upon your social media channels.

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