Top Trending Logo Creation Trends You Must Follow In 2018

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand

The above written quote is actually what designing and logo designing is all about. A logo can be defined as modern, deemed classic, sophisticated, emotional or youthful. No matter what your logo reflects, it ends up becoming the silent ambassador of your brand. Your logo must always depict and reflect your brand identity and its services, if your logo fails to do that, there is useless to spree a fortune to get it designed by a graphic designing company.

In the past span of years, the era of logos has dramatically changed along with more fashionable designs in rage. While bringing along plenty of other innovations, 2018 has bought certain trends that you surely need to follow in order to stand out and create an amazing logo. Although, you can simply hire a logo designer expert or consult a graphic designing firm for this regard, but only if you know what is happening is the logo designing trends, you can undoubtedly create a logo that will stand out in millions of other logo, captivates your targeted customers and create a brand identity in their minds.
In order to stay ahead of game, here are the top logo design trends for 2018 you need to keep up with doing something extra ordinary for your business.

The Gif Logos

As we all may have observed, 2018 is surely becoming the year of Gifs or moving pictures. There has been mind-blogging creative and innovative tweaks we have seen, which clearly made them stand out. Rearranging the tagline, the placement of logo, creating the objects, changing the colors, any of these activities surely means a lot. Gifs are the new trend and they never fail to entertain the viewers and bring the bit of curiosity and fun to the table. There are multiple plus points to it, for instance, it is quite easy to gauge and enhances the user’s engagement upon the website. Now, the question is why is that so? This is because they are appealing, captivating, clever and slick!  Make sure that your logo design expert or the graphic designing agency knows how to create such engaging logos that will benefit you for a longer period.

The Digital Paint Brush Logos

Do you remember those childhood moments, when you used to grab the paintbrush, brush it all through the canvas, and paint something amazing? You loved painting as a kid, isn’t it? The unique colors, the attractive designs always inspired you to do something new; it was always your moment of happiness. The amazing color combination along with the paintbrush textures always creates something eye-catching and captivating. The fact that the digital paintbrush logos are taking over the market is because, they give a natural, versatile and a cleaner look. Many of the amazing graphic designing experts have already started created digital paintbrush logos to make their work stand out.

The Responsive Logos

2018 is surely the year of digital world and it is high time to bid farewell to boring and monotonous design logos. The designs that were quite captivating few year back are not at all pleasing these days. If you are looking to be ahead of game, trust me, you need to be creative with your approach. Since your logo will be displayed to many places such as business cards, portfolios, posters, banners and much more, it needs to be more than perfect! Adding up more, as Google is giving responsiveness a bit more priority taking a center stage, it is important to design a logo in such a way that it owns the ability to fit in various screen sizes. Since logos are the major medium of formal communication, it always need to be responsive which can fit into any vector.

Typography with Monograms Logos

Have you ever heard about the phrase, “In a world full of trends, try to stay always classic”? Yes, we all have, in fact, the truth is, and there is always room for classics. Recently we observed that, there has been a sudden increase in simple but crafted logos, complemented with Monograms. It does looks simple, but designers spend hours to create something classic. Classic designs contains the basic common things, such as letter spacing, typeface choice, kerning etc.

The Grid Based Logos

Did you ever wonder about the innovation of grids? Josef Muller Brockman bought the grid theory in 1981, since the gird design is widely used to design logos. The grid theory in general portrays perfection and control in its design. Most probably, this trend will continue in 2018 as well, so keep your eyes on the grid design as well, while designing your brand logo.

The Social Media Optimized Logos

As a business entrepreneur, you must know the impact of social media presence, its consistency and the significance it brings to the design. Now focusing a bit more upon the trends, the logos need to be social media optimized as well. Before designing the logos, consider the most important social media platforms you will promote your brand the most and check if it will feel and look good on those social media sites. To give your logo a natural look upon social media sites, you need to focus on horizontal and vertical designs, along with visualizing the balance between its horizontal and vertical axis. So that they display well on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook fields.


Winding up the whole idea, 2018 is the year of producing and designing a logo that best represents the brand. Just with a help of an amazing logo, any company can easily deliver their message across wide range of audience. Your logo should be such that, just a glance on it can make the customer to remember it forever.

Be creative, be unique, try to be different and follow these above-mentioned guides to produce something original and great!

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Design is the silent brand ambassador of your brand! Do you agree? If you are looking to create something different and unique for your brand, then these top logo design trends of 2018 will surely help you out! Click below and explore the Latest Logo trends of 2018 now!

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