Top Ways to Use Online Reviews to Power up your Business

Top Ways to Use Online Reviews to Power up your Business

Online reviews are one of the most crucial part for any business. According to some survey by BrightLocal, 93% of customers read reviews of almost every business to determine the quality of any business. Reviews can literally make or break your entire business, they raise your company profile, generate trust within, gives you the perfect opportunity to learn more about your business, make connections with them, increase the conversion rates upon your business. Use these top methods to make online reviews work out in your favor.

Get your Google my Business Listing

Customer reviews appear everywhere online, but it’s the most common Google review center, with 64% of consumers saying they check checks on Google before visiting any company. To keep Google reviews in your business, you can create or claim your own page in Google My Business, which allows you to monitor and respond to your comments. Your company’s voter will appear in the search results of Google and Google Maps, which will be an excellent way to create the credibility and quality of your business. Any response to comments will be displayed immediately below the review, labeled “Owner Response”.

Monitor the Major Review Sites

Google is the most popular place to verify, but this is not the only place. Be sure to claim your business listing or business page on other common platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook, as well as on all sites that show or show your products or services, such as Amazon upon your website.

Improve your Star Rating

Getting good points has many benefits, including self-confidence and higher profits. According to BrightLocal, 87 percent of consumers are only considering using businesses that have at least three stars. The Location3 analysis showed that companies with an average of 4.96 stars had a conversion rate of 12.8%, compared to a conversion rate of 10.4% for commercial activities with an average of 3.31 stars.

Encourage people to review your Business

On average, consumers will not trust a company with a star rating unless they have at least 34 votes. Assuming you are doing everything possible to create an excellent experience for your clients, improving your online reputation is easy because more people can simply comment on their experiences. So, how to get more criticism? Just ask: 68% of consumers responded to a direct request from a company. You can request comments personally, by email or through a prominent link on your website, but be sure to follow the rules of each site for review. The only site that says not to answer is Yelp, although you can ask customers to check their Yelp list.

Always Respond to your Reviews

Responding to comments will not only improve your image, but will also allow you to connect with real customers, but it will also increase the ranking and increase sales. A recent study by Harvard Marketing Magazine found that the response to the survey resulted in a 0.12 increase in star ratings and a 12% increase in revisions. Situation 3 showed that the response to the review also resulted in an increase in search conversion rates: companies with the highest conversion rate were 13.86%, compared with 10.42% for those with the response rate lower.

Trend Carefully with the Negative Reviews

You can review the bad reviews that directly affect your earnings: according to Review Trackers, 94% of consumers who have a negative survey on the Internet are persuading them to stop any commercial activity. If someone makes a bad legal decision, the best thing to do is respond politely and try to solve the problem. But if the negative review is not relevant or inappropriate, or written by someone who has a conflict of interest, such as a competitor or a current or former employee, you can request that the site remove it from the site. This process can be long-term and there is no guarantee of success, so this is only taken as a last resort. Use these links to get more information or review reports on Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Keep the Reviews Current

Not only can you receive many great comments, you must also be cool. More than 75% of consumers say they do not think about doing business promotion more than 90 days ago. Google uses the frequency of revisions, as well as quantity and diversity, as a classification factor.

Use Social Proof on your Website

Social orientation, a psychological phenomenon in which people receive signals from others to make action decisions, has been an effective way to influence much before the Internet. On the website, you can encourage visitors to trust your company and experience your products or services by providing positive feedback from satisfied customers in the form of testimonials or case studies.

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