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Tours for People Who Don’t Like Museums

Did you know that Jackie Kennedy selected the famous Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? On a visit to Egypt, when her husband was president, she preferred the ancient Egyptian temple. And you’ve ever wondered why it’s at the museum’s edge? It’s so she can see it from her apartment in Manhattan, earning it the nickname “Jackie’s Little Nightlight.”

Another fun fact: the painting “The Actor” by Pablo Picasso was not one of the most famous works by the artist. But it’s worth skyrocketed — and tourists did so — after a museum guest tripped and accidentally put an elbow in it, causing a very expensive repair job. Web Design Dubai will build you a website for your museum tour.


A Tour is a Star:

We looked at 24 museum websites: choosing organizations that ranged in scale, subject matter, financing, location, and online capability, with a weighting towards museums of art in Dubai, the United States, and the UK. 

We used a mixture of knowledge of design, UX skills, empathy for the audience and expertise in tech. Two kinds of website visitors we put ourselves in the shoes: those planning a visit and those exploring the site from basic curiosity. When divisions emerged in engineering, development, and navigation, we moved our print-outs around the table:

  • Where is the menu located? What’s that included? 
  • How do you see the mobile/responsive version? 
  • What is the use of images? Were they dominant? 
  • What’s that? How do you use space and color? Margins? Complete width? White? Product colors?


Visitor-focused design:

It is fascinating, however, how much room there is to play with and rework these key elements across the active websites. First, we started to identify the features and elements common to the sites we thought replied well to these questions.

  • Mobile compatibility which is provided by Mobile App Development Dubai
  • Clear Navigation
  • Attractive Homepage
  • Crosslinks 
  • Search for treasures engine
  • Understandable language
  • Fascinating Images
  • Human Stories
  • Echo Style site.

SEO Dubai gives clear navigation. There is a fascinating balance to be struck between ensuring that the layout, interface, and design represented the personality of the company and ensuring that certain internet norms are observed to keep visitors within their comfort zone.


Refine your Design and Content:

Digital Marketing Dubai will help you redefine your objectives and goals to clients in no time. Now that you have the specification of your design and functionality, the fun begins. The important point here is that if the website is a brochure or an information page–or an interactive and constantly updated site–it will never be preserved, revised or published.

It doesn’t have to take time, but there are regular updates and edits on a good website.


Worried about marketing your website? Not a problem

A Social Media Marketing Company Dubai will market you well. Ahh, the real fun now. But at the end of the day, without a website, you can not do the long-term brand building. Social networks come and go, but* you* own a good website.

When you lock your best customers and recognize why they find you, you can position your page for anything that comes along.


Audio Guides available too:

It is not possible to overestimate the quality of the guides. Only sitting in the nearest café, on the couch or visiting a museum, you can listen to the perfect songs. As you stroll along the galleries to enjoy artworks with audio commentary, it’s extremely useful. Audio guides are most commonly available as phone apps.



It should be easy to use museum websites, provide general information on current exhibits and feature welcoming layouts that are quite sleek and simple to see. Art is the key point that people appreciate these websites, and it should be given the main emphasis. Yet development is a force that stimulates the viewer, and below you are welcome to see its brightest examples.

Knowing the basic elements required for a successful museum website makes it much easier to increase this with each institution’s stock, reputation, and audience: understanding the context, playing with the formula.


Let’s Get in Touch:

Hire us for the handy work of your website and creating a wonderful virtual world for your visitors.

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