Tips to Avoid Top 5 Typical Mistakes People Usually Make in Website Designs

Tips to Avoid Top 5 Typical Mistakes People Usually Make in Website Designs

Ready to build your first website? Congratulations, that is surely something huge. Even if you are familiar with web design, you must know how hard it is to simply, follow the basic rules of web designing. Every day new websites steps in the market like snowflakes in the snow. There are millions of them now, but not all of them holds the most importance.

With a massive amount of website builders in the market, it is quite easy to build one. Just like if you are looking to build a photography portfolio, no worries. You can simply enjoy millions of resplendent WordPress themes ready to choose. However, this trick does not work for website building.

No platform will guarantee your overnight success, nor the excellent results you wish. There are few mistakes and choices, which can simply ruin your success completely. Do you want to avoid these top mistakes before you finally begin with your design? Do not miss out any chance to catch the top typical mistakes while designing a website.

Mistake#1. Clueless Navigation

So, let us keep the first things first. The Navigation should always be simple, predictable and consistent. Do not lose the line of simplicity. No matter who your target customer is, once they finally land on your website, they must get around quickly, without getting confused about where they have to go. Remember, your website is not a puzzle; it must always be simple and easy to remember.


Instead of just confusing your visitors, keep up with the simplicity. Let us help your customers find what they are looking for just in seconds. Do not let people solve the puzzle; this may simply drive them crazy. Make sure that every webpage has a clear navigation. A clear navigation always allows you to grasp more customers and more overall view of your entire website.

Mistake#2. Bad Readability

In today’s competitive world, it is quite difficult to be ahead of game and every business has to fight for their potential customer. In addition, if you design a website with a big load of junk content, it is seriously not worth it. Always remember, your visitors first check your content and then only decide if it is worth scrolling or not. They do not want to read a book with adventures and some heroes. Not furnishing a good readability upon your website, let it be through font or anything, it is the worst mistakes you can make.


In order to make your website look more appealing. DO NOT use the big walls of texts; just break it into small sentences or paragraphs. Add up spaces that are more negative, leave out some time to breathe. In addition, keep a lighter hand on the font styles. Make sure that the real concern of your website is white spaces, the flow of icons, minimalist design, texts and images. It is essential to keep a specific selection for fonts, alignments and fonts, alignments and capitalization. Sometimes, just the high-quality images can add the hook to your website to stand out.

Mistake#3. Memorable Domain Name.

Your company name is extremely important, right. Well, exactly just like that, your domain name is also very important. That should be easy. Many business owners first make this disastrous mistake of choosing a confusing business name and then the domain. Always remember, people see the domain of your website, before they see everything else. Therefore, your domain name must always indicate something positive. Do you know the element that can make your domain name to stand out? Alternatively, maybe a keyword rich domain, which can easily help people to find you.


All of us want to make an impact or create an impression upon our visitors that they never forget. It is time to make a domain name that is easy to remember. Make it as concise and as easy as possible. Be much careful about using the buzzwords. It should be different and something unique. If it is possible, make it something that stands out. Avoid using abbreviations and unnecessary spelling mistakes.

Mistake#4. Too Much Color

Therefore, here is another most essential element. DO NOT make your website look like a coloring book or a jigsaw puzzle. Make it easier and convenient for the people who visit it and let them get an idea for who you really are. Make sure you do not distract them with plenty of colors. A good rule is to use three basic primary colors, along with one or two background color of your choice.

Picking up the color is surely not the easy part; a color must be something, which signifies the psychology behind your brand. Therefore, pay attention upon choosing your brand’s color and thus the same colors for your web pages.


It is better that you limit your webpage color scheme to 2 to 3 colors for the best of results. These colors must highlight the mood of your business and encourage visitors to learn more about your business and its services.

Mistake#5. A Scattered Homepage.

Imagine this, you are ready and just about to leave for work that you realize you forgot something. You know what the thing is, but what you do not know is that where to find it. You start searching through the draws, rooms, basement, and roof; still you just could not find it. You are confused and that is what the case is, when it comes to web design. Your web homepage should always be simple and understandable.

Avoid using multiple fonts, many graphics, and a wall of text and eliminate the need for having negative spaces. This silly mistake can literally make you cost your potential customers, if your website is confusing. Trust me; this will only enhance your bounce rate.


A good rule of web homepage is to avoid unnecessary images, huge wall of texts or heavy and confusing menus. Do not run away from white images, it grabs your potential customer’s attention.

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